How can I remotely control another Android phone from my phone?

Nowadays, mobile phone remote control has actually developed very maturely, but currently it is technically more difficult to control a computer with a mobile phone or to control a mobile phone with a mobile phone than with a computer, so the requirements for software are also higher.

What can be done with mobile phone remote control?

At present, remote control software is mainly used in the office field. For example, remote file transfer and document modification are the most basic functions. Some operations that require higher computer requirements, such as design, games, etc., can now also be controlled remotely. is well adapted. Before entering the evaluation process, let us first understand what can be mainly used for remote control with mobile phones?

Mobile Phone Spy App

Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

Remote computer mobile office

Mobile office should be the most commonly used function by everyone. After downloading the remote software on our mobile phones and computers, we no longer need to carry the computer with us when traveling, nor do we need to transfer all files to the mobile phone to occupy memory., when you want to view it, you can directly use your mobile phone to remotely connect to the computer with one click, and you can view and modify it.

Play games remotely

For those who love to play games, they may not have time to sit in front of the computer all day long. If there are some small tasks in the game, they can directly use their mobile phones to remotely connect and operate. The most practical point is that they can use their mobile phones on the way to get off work. Remotely open the game on the computer for updates, and you can directly enter the game when you get home. You don't have to sit in front of the computer and wait for it to load, which really improves the efficiency a lot.

Assist parents to use mobile phones remotely

Whether it is myself or my friends, they often teach their parents to use mobile phones, such as downloading software, online shopping, etc. It's really hard to communicate on the phone, and your parents can't understand what you're saying. Therefore, mobile phone remote control comes in handy. You can directly connect to your parents' mobile phone remotely with one click to help solve the problem. Parents can also learn how you operate it more intuitively, which is very convenient.

Real experience evaluation of remote control software

The following will test the software in detail in terms of usage logic, functions, experience, advantages and disadvantages. With the continuous iteration of technology, the ToDesk experience has gradually been upgraded. Currently, it can realize the interoperability of five commonly used systems such as iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, and Linux. The speed and image quality of remote control are two highlights of ToDesk. Compared with the competition, The practical experience will indeed be better.

Mobile phone control computer

  • Tutorial
    First, install todesk on both our mobile phones and the computer we want to control. On the computer side, we need to go to the todesk official website to select the corresponding version to download. On the mobile phone, just download it from the app store that comes with it.
    After downloading, register with your mobile phone number, log in to the same account on both the mobile phone and the computer (remote control between different accounts is also supported), and then enter the device code and password on the computer into the mobile phone to complete the connection.
  • Usage experience
    Whether it is keyboard and mouse control of a remote computer, adjustment of image quality and frame rate, or remote audio synchronization, it is all possible. It has rich functions and is simple and easy to use. Input text on the master mobile phone for testing, and the controlled computer displayed almost simultaneously. The delay performance was surprising. There was no network crash or disconnection during the entire test process.
  • View pictures remotely
    Pictures on the computer can be enlarged or reduced on the mobile phone, and the picture quality is very high-definition. When using todesk to play games remotely, the audio of the computer game, whether it is a Windows system or a Mac system, can be simultaneously transmitted to the controlling mobile phone.
  • virtual mouse
    When Todesk is used to control the computer with a mobile phone, a very realistic virtual mouse will appear. It can be said that it is exactly the same as the mouse we usually use, so you can get started quickly. It is very convenient for copying and pasting text, modifying tables, etc.

Mobile phone controls mobile phone (the controlled terminal currently only supports Android)

  • First, download Todesk on the mobile phones that need to control each other, and search for it in the app store that comes with the mobile phone. After downloading, log in to the same account on both mobile phones (you can log in using your mobile phone number). After successfully logging in, click the [Allow remote access to this device] button on the controlled mobile phone, and then select [Control Mode].
  • Next, turn on [Screen Recording Permissions] and click [Enable Controlled Mode] at the bottom of the screen.
  • At this time, a reminder will pop up on the screen, just click [I know it], and then the device code and password of the controlled terminal will be displayed.
  • We enter the device code of the controlled terminal into the main control terminal and click [Remote Control].
  • Then the interface will pop up. At this time, enter the device password of the controlled terminal and click [Connect] to enter the interface of the controlled mobile phone. We can start remote operation of the mobile phone of the controlled terminal.

Even when playing games remotely, Todesk's latency is very low, almost invisible to the naked eye, and the remote images transmitted are relatively high-definition, so the experience is still very good. However, the sound cannot be transmitted synchronously when the mobile phone is controlled by the mobile phone, and the controlled terminal does not support ios devices.