How to view deleted photos from your partner's phone

Some private photo files you delete on your phone, even if they are permanently deleted, may be retrieved by others. Including social software chat records, text message verification codes, voice and video files, address books, etc. on the mobile phone, all can be retrieved through some specific software! Are you all wondering what is going on? Let's talk about how to permanently delete photos on your phone and how to get them back!

Are permanently deleted photos really deleted?

In fact, the so-called "permanent deletion" on our mobile phones is just a kind of self-comfort. Strictly speaking, "permanent deletion" is just secondary deletion. Through some special technical means or software, you can easily retrieve these deleted files. photos, you can even find more photos than you deleted.

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So why can't you delete things on your phone? Why deleted data can still be restored? This is about the principle of deletion! For example, when we take or save a photo, the photo will occupy part of the phone's memory in the form of data. When we delete the photo, its storage status will change from "occupied" to "occupied". "Idle", the photo data has not disappeared, it is just hidden, and can be restored through some apps!

How can we completely delete the things we want to delete from our phone?

After understanding the principles of mobile phone data storage and deletion, many friends should have thought of a way to completely delete data. Simply put, it can be easily achieved by overwriting the "free" space of deleted data with new data. Remove effects. Especially when we want to sell the phone again, we recommend following the steps below to clear the memory.

First, restore the phone to factory settings in the settings of the phone, then turn on the phone and open the camera to record video, and set the video format to 4K60 frame mode or the highest specification. This will quickly fill up the memory and overwrite the previously deleted data, and then delete it. video. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to repeat this operation several times. The more times it is overwritten, the smaller the chance of data recovery. However, some software now provides complete deletion functions, such as file shredding, and the deletion effect may be relatively better!

How to recover accidentally deleted data? What channels are there?

As for how to recover accidentally deleted data, some data recovery software mentioned above can actually be found for download in the mobile application market. However, the recovery effect is different. If the data cannot be recovered for a long time, it is likely to be overwritten. In addition, data recovery is now an industry, and data recovery can even be achieved through remote control. The effect of professional recovery that is spent money should be better than doing it yourself.

Mobile phone backup retrieval

Nowadays, mobile phones basically come with a backup function, such as cloud assistant. As long as you turn on the cloud photo album, you can back up the photo albums in the mobile phone to the cloud photo album. Even if they are deleted from the mobile phone, you can still find them through the cloud disk backup of the mobile phone account. Come back, very practical.

Retrieve recently deleted files

In addition to cloud service backup retrieval that requires manual activation, photo albums also have their own recovery methods. As we all know, photos are stored in photo albums, and the photo album has prepared an album specifically to deal with accidental deletions, that is, recently deleted. This recently deleted photo can save the photos that have been deleted within 30 days for us. After taking the photo, you can use this function to retrieve the photo.

Retrieve through professional software

What should you do if your phone has no backup and recently deleted data cannot be found? At this time, you can use professional software to retrieve deleted photos. The steps are as follows.

Search for "Mobile Data Recovery Tool" in the App Market, open the App after installation, and find the "Picture Recovery" function on the main page.

Select the type of photos you need to recover, such as chat pictures. After scanning, you can see all deleted photos, check the photos you want to recover, and click Restore.