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jose torres ★★★★★

I tried some other software to monitor Android phone and I am very satisfied with MyCellSpy. The online dashboard is uncluttered and includes all necessary details. I use WhatsApp logs to monitor records. It's really well organized, but could use a little improvement. They respond well on the forums, so I can tell they are listening to questions. Their versions are updated very quickly to support the latest new Android phones. Given all the software I have tried, I would recommend MyCellSpy Cell Phone Spy App.

Chey ★★★★★

I was very worried about my kids, luckily I found out about phone spy apps, I honestly didn't know there was such an app that could remotely monitor kids' phones. Now I'm at peace and I can tell by checking my kids' WhatsApp chats that I don't have to worry. I solved some minor difficulties with the help of technical support. I repeat, this app makes me so much calmer.

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Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

Lori Whiting ★★★★★

I purchased MyCellSpy to keep an eye on my spouse. Several signs lead me to believe she is cheating on me. Once the software was installed (very easy to download and install), I was able to monitor everything she was doing on her phone right away. The best tool is being able to see the texts she sends and receives. This tells me everything. Of course I can also view her calls, photos, location, camera, which are very helpful. There are so many things I love about MyCellSpy that I can't possibly list them all in one review. I'd recommend this to anyone who needs to know.

Mariusz Szemansky ★★★★★

My husband is co-parenting with his ex-wife, I suspect my husband is unfaithful to me, he betrayed our marriage by dating his ex-wife in secret, so I am looking for a way to check the text messages he sent, and a better way to check Find out if he's cheating. Good news to report, the husband is not cheating on me. He's texting his ex-wife about his kids' education, but it's all appropriate. I am very grateful for MyCellSpy. It literally saved my relationship with my husband. I do recommend subscribing for more than a month though. I never had any problems with the technical part. My favorite part of the app is monitoring his cell phone calls. I highly recommend using this monitoring program and I will continue my subscription indefinitely.

Pedro Cazares ★★★★★

I use a cell phone monitoring app for parental monitoring and it works really well, I always know what my kids are doing. MyCellSpy covers all my software needs.
My favorite features are call history, message history and screen activity.
I don't have any issues with the software, I just needed help from a technician once for the installation and it was great help.
If anyone wants to buy MyCellSpy.don't doubt it. This is the best option for the money!

Christopher Evans ★★★★★

When I started researching this kind of software, I was torn between several softwares and finally decided on MyCellSpy. And very happy to say it does everything they claim. It started off stunning, but a few days after buying it I realized it was far from amazing. I've installed other surveillance apps before, but text messages, calls, social media never update, and sometimes it doesn't work at all. So when I was looking for a solution to my problem, I came across MyCellSpy which is a great product.

Patrick Blak ★★★★★

I subscribed to MyCellSpy to monitor my husband's activity on his phone because I felt he was cheating on me. With this app, I was able to monitor conversations on every social media my husband used, his incoming and outgoing calls, photos shared, his whereabouts, etc. This app puts my mind at ease when I find out my instincts are wrong and my husband isn't cheating on me. This app is very easy to use, especially for those who are not tech-savvy like me. Whenever I need help somewhere, I always get it through the chat service. I would definitely recommend it!

Lindyl ★★★★★

I have been using MyCellSpy to monitor my 12 year old. I can't see myself now without it! Here's how to solve any doubts I had about teens. It is very user friendly and easy to use. Customer service is excellent for any questions or details. I've used other programs and they don't compare. Monitoring App is very fast and easy from downloading the program! You won't regret having this service! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone considering this type of application. Installation is quick and easy, requiring no technical support. Also I found the monitoring call log, SMS/MMS log feature to be the most useful.

Jenny aka Sippi ★★★★★

I own a consulting studio and have hired three new staff. Many times I have seen employees using their phones for fun or personal matters during work hours. I installed MyCellSpy to solve this problem. The service helps me monitor which websites they visit during work hours and how much time they spend chatting on social apps on their phones. My favorite feature is viewing web browser history, all of them are great. I haven't had any major issues using the site, and tech support takes care of any issues in a timely manner. I've used other monitoring services in the past, but none compare to it. After trying the monthly subscription, I will purchase the annual subscription. I recommend this to all business owners.

Jane Smith ★★★★★

I am using this software for parental control. My daughter fell in love with an internet scammer through a social media app. I want to check all the information on my daughter's phone. MyCellSpy has grown a lot over the past few years and seems to be the best monitoring software on the market. It is easy to use and simple to operate.

Gimpsi Watkins ★★★★★

MyCellSpy really gives me what I need to monitor. Everything from SMS to keylogger is amazing. The feature I found most useful has to be the GPS, which gives you the peace of mind of knowing where your device is. I haven't had any major issues with this app so far, and it's being updated to try and keep up with the constant phone upgrades. If you do run into a problem, their tech support staff is quick to try and fix it for you, walking you through each step and answering your questions. I haven't used any other app like it, there's really no need because this app has it all! If you are thinking of using a cell phone spy app, then you have made the right choice. I don't see any other app currently on the market that comes close to it.

kristen posada ★★★★★

I purchased this subscription because I want to be able to monitor my son's location. It works just fine! Not only do we take advantage of these locations, but we also like keyloggers to make sure he's not accessing anything he shouldn't. Tech support was prompt and patient with me. We've used a competitor's free app in the past, but if something was deleted before the data was intercepted, we wouldn't be able to see it. I will always recommend MyCellSpy to anyone considering such a product. It was fairly easy to install, easy to navigate and gave us peace of mind.

Lluis ★★★★★

Due to some trust issues with her wife, she always quietly deletes some call records and text messages in her mobile phone. I've been looking for software that can fully monitor my wife's phone messages, including deleted ones. The app was fairly easy to install, and within minutes I was receiving surveillance messages from my wife's phone. I'm glad it provides so much information, especially WhatsApp messages. I can check all the text messages, photos, videos, GPS, call logs and keylogs in my wife's phone at any time, even including the phone messages deleted by my wife. Best of all, I don't have to call tech support or spend hours looking for help. This app really helped me discover the truth about my wife's phone. I've tried other apps before and it didn't cover everything and was expensive, but MyCellSpy is really good. I would definitely give it a 5 star review and recommend it.

Jackfruit ★★★★★

I have 2 kids and monitoring software gives me peace of mind when my kids are online. I totally recommend every parent to invest in this software. I've been using MyCellSpy for 5 years now, and it even works reliably overseas when we're on vacation. No other spyware is better than it. I will always use MyCellSpy, I absolutely love this product. I like features like social media monitoring and GPS location. After the monitoring software installed successfully, I have no problem with the service. If you are considering this software, I highly recommend it. I haven't used other products, but I know how to recognize a good product, and this one works for me.