How to locate the other party's location by taking pictures with the camera?

Many women have had doubts about their husbands, and many people have also thought about how to use their mobile phones to locate their husbands and see what they are doing. At this time, you need to use mobile phone positioning, but many online software are already simple and the mobile phone's built-in positioning is easy to be discovered. Is there a better way to quickly locate the mobile phone without being discovered?

In daily life, I believe there are many friends who want to know where their partner has gone all the time. However, I was embarrassed to ask him directly what should I do? Your partner won't tell you where they are going, so how do you locate them? Today I will share with you how to track your location just by sending a photo, which solves many people's worries. Let's learn how to use photos to locate your partner's location!

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To leak location coordinates through mobile phone photos, three conditions need to be met.

  • The mobile phone GPS positioning permission has been turned on.
  • The camera has been authorized to obtain location information.
  • Original photos must be sent.

How to track location using mobile phone

  • Have you ever been in a situation where your husband/wife didn't tell you where to go? It's hard to ask questions directly, but you don't know how to use your mobile phone to track your location? In fact, if you encounter such a problem, don't worry. I will teach you a little trick to track the location of your mobile phone. When you want to know where your partner is but are too embarrassed to ask directly, you can ask him for an original photo in various ways. The key point here is to ask the other party to take a photo and click on the original image to send it to you, otherwise you will not be able to locate your partner's location.
  • When we receive the original photo from our partner, we can first open the photo and click to view the original photo, and then download it to the mobile phone album.
  • Find this photo in your phone's photo album and swipe up to view your partner's location. At this time, there will be a map below the photo, and the location where the photo was taken will be marked on the map. If it is on a large street, the specific location will be directly displayed, such as what street number and how many changes, etc. If it is in some remote place, it is an approximate location. Through this method, we can quietly track the whereabouts of our partners, which solves many people's problems.

After introducing mobile phone location tracking, let's teach you how to avoid being tracked. In order to avoid being targeted when posting photos, we should turn off this setting on our mobile phones. First open the settings on your phone, find the "Privacy" option, and click to enter. Then, on the "Privacy" page, find the "Camera" function in "Location Services" and click to enter. Finally, we just change the allowed range location information inside to "Never". After setting this up, even if you send the original picture to WeChat, the other party will not be able to locate your location, and you will no longer be afraid of being tracked and positioned.

After reading this mobile phone tip, are you still wondering whether to ask where your partner is? Are you still looking for how to track the location of your mobile phone? Hurry up and learn this trick. You can locate the other person's location with just one photo, which solves many people's problems. Have you learned how to track and locate your mobile phone? After reading it, take the time to tell the people around you. If you find it useful, remember to forward it and share it with your friends to help more people in need.