How to retrieve deleted text messages from your partner's phone?

How to recover deleted mobile text messages? In our daily life, we often receive various types of text messages. I believe many people will clear the text messages on their mobile phones regularly. But there is no recycle bin for text messages, so how to recover text messages after they are deleted? It's actually very simple, and I'll share a trick with you below.

Can deleted mobile text messages be recovered?

There is no doubt that deleted text messages can be recovered, because according to the principle of data deletion and recovery, the deleted text messages actually still exist in the mobile phone. There is no immediate physical deletion in the database, but this part is deleted first. The text message was marked as "deleted", and the location was also marked as "overwriteable". This means that when new data is written to the mobile phone, it will be randomly overwritten on the marked position. Therefore, what should we do after deleting the text messages on the mobile phone?

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  • It is best to turn on the airplane mode of your mobile phone in time, which can effectively prevent new data from entering, thereby reducing the possibility of old data being overwritten by new data.
  • Use professional data recovery software to perform deep scans in a timely manner to reorganize and recover data that cannot be directly viewed with the naked eye.

Restore mobile text messages on IOS

IOS recovery mobile phone text message recovery tool is a professional Apple data recovery software that supports the recovery of nearly 20 commonly used data such as accidentally deleted text messages, photos, chat records, etc. The specific operation process is as follows:

After running, you can see three recovery modes. By default, we select the "Recovery via Device Scan" mode to enter the next step. Of course, if you have iTunes or iCloud backup data, you can also use these two recovery modes together to increase the chance of recovery., then click the "SMS" icon in the data item selection interface and wait for the software to scan.

After the scan is completed, we can see two colors of fonts, among which the deleted text messages are specifically displayed in orange fonts. Check the text messages that need to be restored and click "Restore to Device" or "Restore to Computer" in the lower right corner to complete the recovery operation.

Android recovery text messages

  • Open your computer browser and search for "Android recovery software". After finding the download resource, download and install it. Next, connect the phone to the computer and turn on the USB debugging function of the phone on the phone interface.
  • After the information is read, you can see two recovery modes on the software interface. Select "Quick Scan" and click "Start Scan" below to start the software's data scan.
  • After the scan is completed, click "SMS" in the check box on the left, check the text messages that need to be recovered on the right, and then click "Restore Selected Records" in the lower corner to restore them.

In fact, the best way to prevent data loss is to back up data. Therefore, after we retrieve the data, it is best to develop the habit of regularly backing up mobile phone data!