Best mobile phone monitoring app

Track cell phone sms text messages, call history and audio, camera, photos, videos, GPS locations, contacts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, internet activity, etc.

Step 1Download and install the app on your target phone.
Step 2Open the app and complete the configuration.
Step 3View all records of the target phone through remote access.

Monitor everything that happens in mobile phone

Read and receive messages in real time and get mobile content via remote access.

Track Everything You Want To Know

  • Real-time monitoring of mobile phones
  • View monitoring records remotely at any time
  • Simple installation and free download
  • Used for Parental Control and Employee Monitoring

Part 1 : Install the app on the target phone

  • Get the target phone, open the phone browser, download and install the app.
  • Open the app, fill in the username and password and log in. (If you don't have an account, you can register a new account in the app.)
  • Follow the prompts of the APP to complete all permission settings.
  • If you want to hide the app on the target phone, you can set it in the app.

Part 2 : Remotely monitor target phone from anywhere

  • You can access the network from anywhere and view all monitoring records on your target phone.
  • Open your computer or mobile browser and visit management website.
  • Fill in your username and password and log in and you will be able to view all monitoring records.

Monitor Everything

Monitor your target phone from anywhere and see what's happening on target phone.

Download Free

You can download and install apk for free. Best smartphone spy has more monitoring features than any other product.

Fast & Easy Install

No technical knowledge is required, no root is required, and installation is quick and easy.

What are cell phone spy apps and how do they work?

Cell phone spy app is a powerful mobile phone monitoring application that allows you to discover the truth about everything in your phone. Using a cell phone spy app allows parents to keep an eye on their children's online activities and protect confidential data by tracking employees. You can remotely track their mobile phones, online conversations, Internet usage, etc. to protect your family and company interests. Among other things, the software can stop hacking and find lost or stolen phones.

What can a cell phone monitoring app app do?

You can remotely view the real-time activities of children and employees' mobile phones. Of course, you must obtain physical access to the mobile phone before you can view all the monitoring records in the target mobile phone.

How to view monitoring data remotely?

Viewing monitoring data is very easy, you only need to log in to your account, and you can view all monitoring records from the online dashboard.

How do cell phone monitoring apps work?

You must download and install a cell phone spy application on the target cell phone. Once the App is successfully installed, the cell phone spy app starts secretly monitoring the target device.

Is it legal to install surveillance software?

It is legal when you use cell phone spy app to protect your family and kids from online bullying. You keep an eye on employee activity in real time, protecting your business from insider threats.

What monitoring features does the application provide?

Mobile phone spy app provides powerful tracking features for parental control and employee monitoring. The app has powerful monitoring functions, including tracking text messages, call records, social media monitoring, GPS location, geofencing, browser history, social media, environmental recording, remote photo taking, etc.

Can I track multiple phones?

You can monitor multiple devices at the same time, but you must have a spy app installed on the target phone to track.

Is it possible to use the spy app without the target phone?

If anyone tells you that you can spy on a target's phone without physically touching it or installing an app, they are usually liars. It is impossible to install spy apps without getting access to the device. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain physical access to the phone before installing the application.

Will the other party know that their mobile phone is being monitored?

The phone spy app is completely invisible, completely invisible on the phone screen and system settings, and the other party has no idea that their phone is being monitored.

Can I monitor social media activity?

Mobile phone spy app comes with powerful social media monitoring features. It will update you on the full activity of the target phone, and you can remotely monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Viber, etc.

Can I listen to live phone conversations?

The phone spy application provides a call recording function, which can automatically record the sound of the conversation between the two parties. Whether it's a child or an employee's conversation, you can listen to their conversation remotely and privately.

Is my monitoring data secure and confidential?

Mycellspy provides bank level encryption to keep your data safe, and when using tracking software, all collected data will be saved on your dashboard. No one can view this data but yourself.

Can I monitor my phone without installing software?

Installation can only be done with physical access to the target device, and the download and installation process will only take a few minutes, depending on your network conditions. The setting process of the monitoring application is very simple, you only need to follow the page prompts to complete all permission settings.

How to choose a cell phone spy app?

Choosing a cell phone spy app should be a wise decision. So, double check the application that can meet your monitoring needs, you can test the full functionality, compatibility and service of the software during the trial period. We are sure that MyCellSpy's powerful monitoring features meet all your needs, so it will be your best choice.