How can I find my partner's phone activity on my phone?

There are currently two main ways to use one mobile phone to locate another mobile phone: through the "Find My Mobile" system software that comes with the mobile phone, or through third-party mobile phone number positioning software. Take a Samsung mobile phone as an example. If you know the Samsung account password and enable mobile search on another mobile phone, then you can log in to the account on another Samsung mobile phone and search for the devices bound to this account.

If you use the system's built-in software to find the location of your mobile phone, you need to log in to the account and password of the device being searched. But under normal circumstances, all we know is our account number, and the only thing we can search is our mobile phone. But in real life, we often need to remotely locate other people's mobile phones out of concerns about the following situations:

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  • When parents or other elders get lost or encounter sudden accidents due to diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, etc., we want to find them as soon as possible;
  • Children can be tracked and positioned in real time after school or when they go out to play to prevent them from going to rivers, reservoirs or places inappropriate for minors;
  • To prevent boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives from cheating on each other, many people also hope to locate each other's geographical location at any time, or preferably to check each other's historical activities.

The principles of mobile phone positioning include the following:

  • GPS Positioning
    Mobile phones generally have a GPS chip. Many APPs require authorization to obtain GPS location permissions. Through this GPS positioning, you can get your positioning information.
  • GSM positioning
    GSM is the abbreviation of Global System for Mobile Communications, and Chinese is the Global System for Mobile Communications. GSM network is a common cellular network. As the name suggests, the cellular network structure is a network distribution structure with a honeycomb shape, which is connected by signal areas according to the grid. This support is the signal base station. Each base station has a radiation range. This radiation range is a signal area. As long as the mobile phone Connect to the cellular network and turn on the call function. Then your basic location can be determined based on your signal access in the cellular network. The accuracy is calculated based on the distribution density of the operator's base stations.
  • WIFI positioning
    After the mobile phone is connected to WIFI, you can basically know which specific supplier provides this WIFI hotspot, and you can basically determine the location. For example, if you connect to a store's WIFI, your location is basically near the store.

So after knowing the above-mentioned positioning principles, you will know what to do to avoid being located, but basically don't use your mobile phone, because after disabling these functions, the mobile phone will basically become useless.

In these situations, it is recommended to use the following positioning function. Add the other party's mobile phone number to track the mobile phone location at any time. The positioning accuracy can be controlled to a range of 50 meters, truly realizing remote protection!

Check the real-time location of friends and family

After the addition is successful, the main interface will prompt the friend's last location, which can also be regarded as the latest location of the other party.

"SOS" one-click call for help

Click the red "SOS" button and add one or more emergency helpers so that family members, relatives and friends can call for rescue as soon as possible in the event of an emergency.

location reminder

Click the word "Settings" to the right of your friend's avatar to enter the location reminder setting interface. For example, if you set a location reminder for your child's school, you can receive a reminder when your child arrives at school safely in the morning.

Historical itinerary playback

Just click on your friend's avatar and select the time period you want to view, and you can play back the historical activity tracks of your relatives and friends in chronological order, making it easier for you to track your itinerary. Some people may feel that their privacy has been violated, but if you have really betrayed a relationship, your choice to conceal it is a violation of your partner's right to know. Why should others pay for your immorality? The best way is for two people to share their itinerary with each other. This will increase trust, reduce suspicion, and make the love process smoother!