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HOMEHow to track whatsapp history, phone calls, chat messages, Gps locations. App to monitor online activity.

How to track whatsapp history, phone calls, chat messages, Gps locations. App to monitor online activity.

App is a highly acclaimed application that tracks WhatsApp messages without notifying them, and has many very useful features. It is also compatible with Android devices and can be accessed from any web browser, so you can remotely track WhatsApp messages remotely. App is also easy to install, and you can always refer to their free online help or better contact their unparalleled customer support in case of any problems.

For features other than WhatsApp message tracking, the App offers you many options, including monitoring calls and managing incoming call restrictions, tracking sent and received text messages, web history (such as browsing mode and incoming and outgoing e-mail) Mail and access calendars, contacts) and manage installed apps. The app offers great options for you to choose from, each with some great features. This is the starting point for using the app for WhatsApp tracking.

Step 1. After selecting one of the three plans provided, you will need to register the app and download the app to the target device.

Step 2. Now go to the App Dashboard and click the WhatsApp message in the left pane to get a list of all sent and received messages. In addition, you can sort messages by date for easy viewing.

You can even view the location of the target device in real time from the App dashboard and set up geofence as needed.

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