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Track cell phone sms text messages, call history and audio, camera, photos, videos, GPS locations, contacts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, internet activity, etc.

HOMEHow to track others phone call recording, text message, sms and live location. spy & monitor app free download.

How to track others phone call recording, text message, sms and live location. spy & monitor app free download.

The only thing you need is this cool monitoring software, you can now go online. Download the app and install it on your target device (in this case your wife's smartphone) and let the app do the rest for you. Once the app is installed on the device, it will be hidden and you will be able to get all the data from your smartphone using the software's web interface.

Listen to your other phone for free
Tracking applications are designed to be used in only one way, but many users find ways to overcome the limitations and use the software to do their work. For example, you can use this app to track not only your wife's smartphone, but also the mobile activities of the employees you own.

Useful features available with this app
1. GPS tracking system
Use this app to monitor your wife's movements through the GPS system on your smartphone. You can also use it to verify the words of your wife or family. For example, you can keep in touch with the exact location of your child.

2. Intercept text message
One of the most useful features is to track all messages sent from the target device to the target device - this includes not only text, but also multimedia messages (such as photos). You can even access messages that have been deleted by the user!

3. Monitor phone calls
The incoming and outgoing mobile calls, as well as the timestamp and duration, are displayed in the web interface. You can also record your phone calls and store them online, and access them when you need them.

4. Monitor online actions

If you want to know which sites your target users visit frequently, it's best to use this feature. It will display all browser activity, including history, bookmarks, and all other things the user might do online.

5. Tracking schedule
Do you want to know the target users' plans for today, tomorrow or other days? Want to know where he is going tonight? Learn everything by tracking the calendar of his smartphone!

6. Intercept online messages
Today, people not only exchange standard text messages. They also use a variety of applications available on the Android and iOS platforms. With our software, you can track the messages and multimedia exchanged in your application and do the following:

View Facebook and Twitter
Spy WhatsApp
Spy Skype

Tracking Viber

7. Recording environment
A few people know that the target device can also be used as an eavesdropping device. Just press a few buttons and record any action you do on your smartphone.

8. Access to media files
Typical smartphone users take dozens of pictures and videos every day. Our app allows you to track all the multimedia that the target user has stored on their smartphone. Each new photo taken with the target device will be displayed in your web interface.

9. Remote access
In many cases, you need to access your smartphone remotely—for example, if your device is stolen, and you might lose some sensitive data stored on your smartphone. Use our software to remotely delete any type of information from your smartphone.

10. Make the most of the application
Our app lets you do a lot of things, not even missing a feature. Use this software to get detailed and in-depth information about your spouse's mobile usage, track multiple devices at once, and perform a range of other operations.

Our app is designed for a wide range of clients, including spouses, parents and business owners, monitoring anyone you want, if you can.

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