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HOMEHow to install & hidden spy apps for android mobile smartphone without root.

How to install & hidden spy apps for android mobile smartphone without root.

Obviously, mobile phones are the technology and key elements that are widely used in our lives. Everyone spends a lot of time on the screen media. Mobile phones have a profound impact on children's mental health. Therefore, it is important to let your parents know how your child is working on an Android device. Also, if you think you can ask an 11-year-old child to use his or her mobile phone to view information they store, such as messages, multimedia, phone records, emails, etc., you may find that their phone is empty.

Yes, the best way for the best kids to hide their secrets is to periodically delete all of their data. It seems that you will not understand their smartphone operations. Therefore, the best way to discover teen mobile operations is to help yourself with the Android spy app.

How to monitor or track Android phones without rooting?
All popular mobile brands like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, Micromax, etc. (both running the Android operating system) do not necessarily need to be called Rooting. You can also monitor your Android phone without having to take root. Yes, it is not necessary to root your target android phone to gain access to basic features such as phone records, phone book contacts, application history, and more. However, to access advanced or advanced features, you need to do root user operations on the device. It includes tracking mainstream IM applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook and more.

The basic features mentioned below have been incorporated into the basic subscription package for most spy applications.

1. Read their text messages
Sms You can view any SMS or SMS received or sent by the target user device. In fact, deleted messages can also be read by you while stored on a spy server.

2. Browse their call history and contact list
Contacts You can easily check your call history as well as the date and time stamp. So now you can find their calls anytime, anywhere.

3. Track their web history and bookmarks
Browse history to see the target user's network channel hopping. You can see what they are browsing while surfing the Internet in the early hours of the morning, and view the tagged sites on their devices.

4. View their calendars, reminders and events
Saved notes You can read all saved notes in events, calendars, and reminders by logging in to the control panel.

5. Browse their emails
Email You can easily check your mailbox in Gmail.

6. Consider their photos and videos
Multimedia You can clearly check its multimedia folder.

7. Scan for installed applications
Installed apps please pay attention to your child's mobile app download. Block indecent games or apps that are installed on their smartphones.

8. SIM card change notification
SIM card change notification If the target user will change the SIM card, you can set an alert in which you will be notified by email or SMS.

9. Track their location
Gps You can find the GPS location of the target user. This makes it easy to discover the whereabouts of your child, employee or other important person.

Therefore, for all of the above features, no rooting process is required. However, to understand advanced espionage, you must first understand the “rooting process”. So, before you learn the steps to fully control your target user's Android smartphone, learn the rooting process.

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