HOMEMonitor Android PhonesWork with mobile phone manufacturers to create a safer and more secure experience

Work with mobile phone manufacturers to create a safer and more secure experience

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In recent years, the rapid development of Android smartphones has brought surprises every generation, just like performance scores. However, compared with performance scores, the improvement in experience is an important reason for promoting user choice. Among the factors that determine the mobile phone experience, the SoC chip is the core.

In fact, with the increasingly "involved" competition in the Android smartphone market, there are very few manufacturers in the open market that are still capable of providing mainstream or even flagship SoC chips, and Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile platform is one of them. Qualcomm official data shows that more than 170 smartphones based on the Snapdragon flagship mobile platform will be shipped or released in 2021, which is enough to prove that the Snapdragon mobile platform continues to win wide market recognition with its own product strength.

Mobile Phone Spy App

Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

Let's take the newly launched first-generation Snapdragon 8+ mobile platform as an example. Its functional upgrades can be described as all-in-one, not only the 30% increase in energy efficiency brought about by the well-known TSMC 4nm process, but also higher core frequency and Underlying optimization brings 10% CPU and GPU performance improvement, and the key is the game, AI and video dimensions, and even some security features and sound quality links that were not strongly perceived in the past.

Gaming: Unprecedented picture, audio, network experience

In addition to socializing, games must be the most important application scenarios on mobile phones, and frame rate performance has become an important indicator of balanced mobile game performance in recent years. Previously, the Snapdragon 8+ engineering machine was tested continuously for 1 hour under the condition of the highest quality 810p of the well-known "running software", and its frame rate curve was very stable, with an average frame rate of 60.2 frames, which is currently the only one in the industry In terms of power consumption, under the same test environment and conditions, the average power consumption of Snapdragon 8+ is 30% lower than that of Snapdragon 8.

By intercepting two sets of test scenarios of 90 frames + extreme picture quality and 120 frames + high-definition picture quality, the energy efficiency of Snapdragon 8+ has increased by about 30% compared with Snapdragon 8 in both cases. With the rise of mobile games, players have higher requirements for mobile phone audio than the simple music playback scene in the past, so Snapdragon 8+ supports Snapdragon Sound technology, including Qualcomm aptX Lossless lossless audio technology. Smartphones, wireless earbuds and headphones provide high-quality music, clear voice calls, and ultra-low-latency game audio experience, making it easier to "eat chicken" in games. Of course, in fact, the previous Snapdragon 8 platform also already supports Snapdragon Sound.

During the game, I believe that the last thing you want to encounter is the network freeze. For this, the Snapdragon 8+ has the double "Buff" blessing of network connection. First of all, the Snapdragon 8+ is based on the Snapdragon X65 5G modem and radio frequency system, providing a maximum downlink rate of 10Gbps and an extremely fast uplink rate, and supports 5G+5G dual-card dual-pass, so that data transmission and phone calls do not conflict with each other, avoiding Game disconnection caused by incoming calls.

Moreover, Snapdragon 8+ supports the FastConnect 6900 mobile connection system, which can bring the fastest Wi-Fi 6/6E connection speed in the commercial market, as well as 4-way dual-band concurrent Wi-Fi. In terms of connection speed and stability, Guaranteed reliable performance of the game. Not satisfied with this, Qualcomm is also actively promoting the implementation of Wi-Fi 7 technology. Its Wi-Fi 7 technology not only has a maximum physical layer (PHY) rate of 33Gbps, but also solves pain points such as signal and network switching, which is highly anticipated. It is reported that Qualcomm's Wi-Fi 7 chips have been shipped to customers, and terminal products are expected to be available before the end of this year.

It can be seen that the Snapdragon 8+ mobile platform brings unprecedented smooth picture quality, high-quality ultra-low-latency audio, and high-speed and stable network performance, which solves the pain points of the game scene and ensures that users can have a first-class game experience.

Security: Work with manufacturers to create a safer and more secure experience

This time, Snapdragon 8+, like Snapdragon 8, supports secure processing unit SPU and Qualcomm Trusted Execution Environment, conforms to the Android Ready SE standard, and can provide more technical support for manufacturers in security design. Through in-depth cooperation with Qualcomm, a dual TEE security system has been created based on Snapdragon 8. This system is independent of the Android operating system, and a series of encryptions have been performed on various privacy and security information to prevent leakage.

Similarly, the first in-depth mining and adaptation of the SPU of the Snapdragon 8 was carried out on the software side, and a "weaving network" was built to cover every operation of the device, from the four levels of chip, kernel, framework and application. Improve the security of mobile phones in an all-round way. In addition, the Snapdragon 8 mobile platform also introduces a new trust management engine (Trust Management Engine), which runs under the management program layer of the Android system and other security services, and can provide additional root of trust for applications and services., to isolate and protect internal sensitive information.

Note also customized and developed the password safe function based on the SPU, which can cover online shopping, office, entertainment and other applications. Among them, all passwords with the password auto-fill function enabled can be protected by SPU-level passwords, allowing users to enjoy the convenience of the password auto-fill function at the same time, there is no need to worry too much about security issues.

Security has been one of the core topics in the mobile phone industry in recent years. Mobile platforms such as Snapdragon 8 and Snapdragon 8+, which can provide all-dimensional advanced security solutions from hardware to software, will further become the core of manufacturers and consumers. Moreover, we have also seen that Qualcomm is accelerating the sinking of these security features to more different series such as Snapdragon 7 to protect users' information security.

Photography: the image experience of taking good pictures at will

In addition to the sensor lens module, the camera and video performance of the mobile phone are also closely related to the SoC. The Snapdragon 8+ has 18-bit Qualcomm Spectra three ISPs. The previous Snapdragon 8 was the first smartphone to support 18-bit ISP. The dynamic capture capability is up to 4096 times higher than that of the previous generation mobile platform, capturing 3.2 billion pixels per second.

In terms of specific performance, the Snapdragon 8+ supports a maximum of 200 million pixel photos, and supports simultaneous shooting of 8K HDR video and 64 million pixel photos, as well as single-frame progressive HDR; for challenging night scenes or higher-quality picture shooting, Snapdragon 8+ supports "super multi-frame engine", which can capture 30 images, which is 5 times that of Snapdragon 888, and synthesize 30 photos into one high-quality photo through powerful computing power.

Qualcomm is an important promoter of "computational photography". Snapdragon 8+ supports the seventh-generation Qualcomm AI engine. While providing 300 face recognition feature points and fast recognition speed, its overall AI energy efficiency is based on Snapdragon 8 With further optimization, there is an energy efficiency improvement of nearly 20%. Based on the excellent AI performance of Snapdragon 8+, Qualcomm and Leica have launched a special cooperation to provide technical support for mobile phone manufacturers from the bottom of the software and hardware.

AI: Innovative Experience in Performance and Applications

The AI function in mobile phones is more and more widely used in daily use. The seventh-generation Qualcomm AI engine supported by Snapdragon 8+ includes the new Hexagon processor with ultra-high performance and ultra-high energy efficiency, which enables it to quickly and completely load It can be fed into a deep neural network without having to run the neural network in blocks and transfer data back and forth, which greatly improves the computational efficiency. Combined with the performance improvement of the AI software level, the overall AI performance of the Snapdragon 8 has been improved by 4 times compared with the previous generation Snapdragon 888. As mentioned above, on this basis, the AI of the Snapdragon 8+ has an energy efficiency close to 20%. promote.

In addition to the above-mentioned cooperation with Leica based on AI performance in video, Qualcomm also cooperated with ArcSoft to create a video background blur engine, relying on the powerful AI computing power of Snapdragon 8+, it can add beautiful images to videos in real time. With a soft background, users can preview the effect of background blur in real time during video shooting, which meets the needs of many users.

In addition, Qualcomm launched a new generation of Snapdragon X70 5G modem at MWC 2022. While adopting the 4nm flagship process and supporting 10Gbps 5G transmission rate, it is also the world's first modem and radio frequency system integrated with a 5G AI processor. AI can be used to optimize Sub-6GHz and millimeter wave 5G links to achieve better 5G coverage and experience, and further tap the potential of 5G networks.

A really good experience is an experience with low user perception. The game is smooth and does not freeze, privacy and security are not leaked, good photos are taken casually, and the more you use it, the more you understand you and me. Behind these are Qualcomm and a group of mobile phone manufacturers. hard work. And we have also seen more surprises on the latest Snapdragon 8+, and look forward to these coming to you as soon as possible.

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