HOMEMonitor Android PhonesThe mobile phone market is trending towards the same

The mobile phone market is trending towards the same

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The two major manufacturers, Huawei and Apple, began to "fight openly and secretly". The "satellite communication", Huawei's imitation of Apple's innovation, and Apple's imitation of Android's innovation all seemed to indicate that: Apple is becoming Android, and Android is also becoming Gradually apples. And this phenomenon, does it mean that the mobile phone market is now tending to be uniform, or is it slowly balancing innovation? Let's learn about the designs that Apple and Android are gradually "biasing" towards each other.

Design of the iPhone 14 Pro series

After the release of the iPhone 14 Pro series, its design quickly fermented and became widely known. When there are many praises, there are also many doubts: In fact, as early as the previous LG V10, Honor in 2018, and vivo, innovation is not plagiarism. In fact, it is not so much plagiarism as Apple's further reference to Android manufacturers. First of all, why did the design of the iPhone 14 have no waves on the previous Android phones?

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Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

1. System. Both Hongmeng and Android phones can design their own themes, and most of the themes are designed by third parties. The mobile phone system only builds a profit platform for third-party apps, so the relevant mobile phone manufacturers will not do much publicity. The iPhone has always focused on the iOS system, and most third-party apps and plug-ins do not support it. The design can better highlight the design inspiration of the iPhone, and at the same time, it is more interactive.

2. Brand effect. Because the iPhone has more attention, compared to the iPhone, the attention of Honor, LG, and vivo is much less.

3. Emphasis. Manufacturers such as Honor are making it easier to display messages such as calls, messages, and songs. The focus is on the optimization of other software and hardware. The aspect of Smart Island is simply displayed. On this year's iPhone 14 Pro series, while ensuring that the hardware is already industry-leading, it not only displays calls, information, etc., but also includes more practical functions such as scanning codes and navigation, which we can also see. Apple is more about making the user's iPhone feel stronger, and the stronger interactivity also reflects a more in-depth design.

This smart island area becomes a window for displaying information and interacting with software. When listening to songs, we can use it to display the lyrics, and when receiving notifications such as calls and messages, users can also directly understand and operate from Smart Island. Moreover, the above operations are not limited to the system App of the mobile phone, but also support some third-party software.

In addition, with the development of technology, true full screens have been installed by many Android manufacturers. Although Apple has been rumored to be equipped with full screens in the past few years, due to the 3D face recognition module, front camera, and some sensors Existence, the front bangs cannot be eliminated in recent years (unless it is changed to fingerprint unlocking and an under-screen camera). Therefore, Apple can only minimize the bangs in the "true full-screen era", and Smart Island is the latest product.

Android mobile phone manufacturers will not equip a large number of sensors near the front camera of the mobile phone like Apple does. Although this makes Android mobile phones lack some functions that Apple mobile phones can have, it also makes their front screens become digging screens or real screens. Full screen.

From various reasons, the Smart Island of the iPhone 14 Pro series can be said to be a trade-off innovation that combines the full screen of Android manufacturers with its own sensor size. Although it is very novel, it is not a perfect or breakthrough design, and Apple needs to optimize it a lot.

live text

With the latest live text on iOS, you can long press to pause video content or pictures to extract text content and convert it into translation. But after digging deeply by many netizens, it was found that this is also a function that Android manufacturers use badly. Take OPPO Reno6 Pro as an example, the ColorOS system has a function called Breeno screen recognition, which can also realize photo translation, text extraction, copy, search, share and other operations, and even the Breeno screen recognition in the OPPO Reno6 Pro system can also recognize Short video background music, product coupons, price comparison of the same item, address, phone number, courier information, etc., the actual experience is similar to the live text of iOS 16, and it is even more useful in many scenarios.

In the iPhone's "Live Text" function, users can copy, paste, query and translate text in photos. The feature is available for photos, screenshots, Quick View, and text displayed in Safari and the camera's live preview. In addition, by tapping the phone number in the photo, you can make a call, or tap the URL in the image to open the page in the Safari browser. Through the image query function, users can also learn more about various items in the photo, such as artwork, landmarks, books, specific flowers or dog breeds, etc.

Although the live text of iOS has the taste of borrowing from Android, it continues to upgrade and optimize on this basis. Open the camera application on the iPhone, point the lens at any screen with text content, and we can see it in the viewfinder. Live text button. After clicking this button, the area where the text is located will be presented in the form of a floating window. At this point, all text content in this window can be directly selected for subsequent operations such as copying, sharing, querying, and even translation.

Compared with the current mobile phone industry, it is almost difficult for the iPhone to find rivals at the same level, especially the exclusivity of the iOS ecosystem. As long as users use the Apple system and enter the iOS ecosystem, it is almost impossible to come out again. Compared with the leisurely life of the iPhone market monopoly, the Android mobile phone market is not so easy.

At present, the iPhone and domestic Android brands on the market are competing against each other. Due to the openness of the Android system, in order to keep the market and users, we must put more and more hard work on scientific research and technology, which leads to continuous updates and optimizations of different Android brands. Software, hardware and interactive experience. Over time, Android's hardware, software, and user experience have become more and more high-end, even surpassing the iPhone.

Therefore, when some functions and hardware of Android surpass the iPhone as the latter, the points that can be upgraded are likely to collide with Android. But Apple is also on the road of "gradual Androidization", abandoning the dross and taking the essence, which has brought a good example to Android manufacturers, combining the advantages of both parties to make the greatest innovation, and giving users great enjoyment. In the past few years, there have been hundreds of Android manufacturers, but at the same time as Apple's Androidization, Android phones also have a trend of "Appleization", especially in terms of security systems. Don't worry, there's Appleification!

security system

Now the privacy and security of mobile phones has become a new topic in the field of science and technology. Huawei still had a white paper some time ago. In the past, the privacy and security of Android was indeed inferior to that of Apple in general. I believe that Apple's security system is what everyone surrenders to. But now, the security of the Android system is also slowly approaching Apple on the road of learning from Apple.

The reason why iOS is safe is that the iOS system is an absolutely closed system. From the bottom code logic of the system to the application layer, it is completely under the control of Apple. The iOS source code will not be released to the public, and Apple will also use a variety of encryption Mode to encrypt your own source code, it is very difficult to crack iOS. In daily life, when users use mobile phones, whether they download applications, transfer data, or download things from third parties, they will be checked at all levels, and all applications from third parties will be "killed". In terms of privacy, Apple's iOS system also pays more attention to privacy and security, and never discloses a trace of user information.

When a vulnerability occurs, the iOS system will promptly resolve the kernel and WebKit vulnerabilities that may have been exploited and lead to arbitrary code execution. So updating immediately is very important for phone security. Apple also quickly made a version update after detection. Such a set of completely closed-loop execution logic makes the iOS system very secure. There is no interface document or any technical description. If you want to find vulnerabilities and attack, you can only do black-box testing. The technical threshold is very high, let alone break it. Anyone able to find this vulnerability is extremely rare.

But because it is a closed-loop system, once a loophole is found, it will be devastating to iOS. After knowing this bug, the Android system made a trade-off between the fragmented system and the closed-loop system, and upgraded it to an open-source system. Many users reflect that the Apple system is too secure, which makes it very troublesome to use. Due to the openness of the system, Android users will not be restricted by many Apps or system passwords when using their mobile phones, which can better meet the daily use of many ordinary users.

The Android system is close to Apple in terms of security system but has made innovations as follows:

The application of the Android system ensures the safe operation of the application through the package manager, signature mechanism, rights management, application sandbox isolation, etc., while not destroying the integrity of the platform system.

hardware security
The Android system guarantees the physical security of the device by using functions such as USB access control, biometric unlocking, TEE trusted space, and lost recovery.

Privacy Communication Security
Android users use industry-standard Internet protocols that provide secure authentication and encryption for data in transit. Privacy Protect user privacy and avoid network tracking through functions such as multi-user support and MAC address randomization.

From the Snapdragon 845 to the latest Snapdragon 8+, it is already a complete platform containing more than 50 chipsets, and everything must be based on security. At this year's Qualcomm press conference, after the opening speech, the first thing to talk about was safety, ranking higher than video, AI, and games, so you know how much Qualcomm attaches importance to safety features.

Android is equipped with Honor's first independent secure storage chip, and has a dual TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) security system independent of the Android operating system. It has a privacy maintenance mode that can be switched at any time, can remotely lock the SIM card, and will also ask for an account password after being maliciously flashed, even if the memory chip is physically cracked, personal data cannot be read and many other security features. In addition to the popularization of mobile payments, electronic driver's licenses, and electronic ID cards, the digitization of wallets and currencies, digital life will continue to penetrate. The security features of mobile devices, especially smartphones, are of the utmost concern to all users. Whether it is Apple or Android, they have gone deeper and deeper into the security of the device step by step, and there is no such thing as whoever plagiarizes and whoever borrows. They are all gradually developed to ensure the basic security of users.

The status quo of the Android mobile phone market in recent years can be seen. Whether it is the enhancement of the software level, the improvement of the image experience, or the popularity of fast charging, it has all been accelerated due to Apple's powerful software and hardware. In such an involuntary environment, it is difficult for Android camp phones to do poorly in terms of hardware, software, and experience.

When Android mobile phone manufacturers put more hardware and software technologies and experiences into the terminal products and hit the high-end market, if Apple wants to extract the essence for its own use, it will give people a feeling of gradually "Androidization". However, as a consumer electronics manufacturer, when faced with this situation, no matter whether it is an Android-based Apple mobile phone, or an Apple-based Android phone based on Apple's security system and hovering ball function, it can only choose the lesser of two evils, and Under the balance of the two, Android and Apple will weigh together, and then each will innovate a newer and better ecology.

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