HOMEMonitor Android PhonesMobile phones are getting more and more powerful, but are they really useful?

Mobile phones are getting more and more powerful, but are they really useful?

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As a device we carry with us today, mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful with the development of technology. With the change of new technologies, many manufacturers have provided many new functions to attract consumers, such as wireless reverse charging, periscope telephoto lens, multi-lens module, air gestures, memory expansion and so on. Many Android phones still retain their own music software, browser, radio and other functions. But for many users, there are many functions in the currently updated new functions that are basically not used, and many functions will not be opened at all.

memory expansion

We all know that the memory capacity of mobile phones is closely related to the stability of large-scale game applications, as well as the number of multi-tasking in the background. The larger the running memory space, the more multi-tasking can be run theoretically, and it will be smoother when playing large-scale games. Because the running memory of many mobile phones is not large enough, the function of memory expansion has been developed. But as everyone knows, in fact, this function is not only useless, but also affects the life of the mobile phone storage.

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Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

Turning on memory expansion is actually using part of the storage memory as running memory (virtual memory). We can put applications that have not been used for a long time in the storage space to save real memory space. Although it can slightly improve the background retention rate and the speed of continuously opening applications, because the storage speed is much lower than the memory speed, there will be serious delays and freezes when the system runs frequently or quickly switches applications, and even affects storage. life.

If you are a user who wants to keep more apps in the background and turn on memory expansion, although you can indeed keep a little more apps when it is turned on, there are not so many apps that are used for a long time. The number of applications that need to be kept alive in the background for a long time is normally controlled within 5, and it is completely sufficient not to enable memory expansion at this time. After the application is used up, it will generally be closed directly. At this time, the remaining applications in the background of the mobile phone will be less.

After the memory expansion is turned on, it will also increase the operating pressure of the mobile phone, increase the energy consumption of the motherboard, and even burn the motherboard. Generally speaking, the service life of the mobile phone will be greatly reduced, and the loss outweighs the gain. Therefore, memory expansion is also known as a very tasteless and useless function.

Pull down / swipe left to search

The function of "drop down/left swipe to search" is believed to be more common, and it is also one of the most troublesome mobile phone problems for users. And Apple users are even more troubled. When we operate on the desktop layout, if we accidentally slide our fingers or pull down, it is very likely that we will be drawn to the "search bar" of the mobile phone.

Although each manufacturer said that this search bar is for users to search for related applications and information more conveniently, many users said that the only time they used it was when the new phone was just turned on, and they couldn't find a certain system app. It's also useless. Because after getting familiar with the mobile phone, the relevant apps are all laid out by the user themselves, and they know which folder they will be placed in.

Especially under the current trend of "true full-screen" mobile phones, users will be more willing to spend more time on the layout of the application, rather than appearing this "search bar" every time they use the mobile phone, which will affect the user's operation and viewing experience. feel. When some mobile phone manufacturers launched the search bar that can be turned off by pulling down/swiping left, users basically turned it off very quickly. There is no mobile phone that turns off this function, and users also say that it is very inconvenient to use.

wireless reverse charging

Since mobile phones have wireless charging technology, major manufacturers continue to "develop in a strange direction." Now there is also wireless reverse charging. Wireless reverse charging refers to mobile phones and other devices that can only receive wireless charging electromagnetic waves. Now they can send electromagnetic waves through wireless coils to charge other devices that support wireless charging. However, its charging power is small and can only be used for emergency use. That is to say, when we have a mobile phone with a large battery of 6000mAh and a mobile phone with a battery of 4800mAh, when both mobile phones support wireless reverse charging, and the latter is out of power, then we can use the former as a power bank to charge the latter. or add some power in time.

However, after many tests, we found that the actual conversion efficiency of most mobile phones that support wireless reverse charging on the market is only 2/30%, and some are even lower. Take Apple as an example for the mobile phone being charged, the charging speed is very slow, and it takes more than four hours to charge about 30%. And friends will also find that when charging the mobile phone, first of all, the charging position is rather strange, and the mobile phone needs to be placed diagonally or horizontally; secondly, the charging speed is really slow, and it cannot be moved, which is equivalent to being forced to quit Internet addiction.

In fact, if only from the practical point of view, the practicality of the wireless reverse charging function is very low, and the low conversion efficiency will also cause a huge waste of power. Moreover, if you charge other mobile phones during the use of the mobile phone, while the power consumption of the mobile phone is accelerated, the burden on the battery is also too high, and the heat and heat are particularly serious. This directly results in a reduction in battery life, and reverse charging is costly for charging mobile phones.

In fact, the wireless reverse charging function of mobile phones may be able to save emergencies in a certain environment, but in terms of functions, wireless reverse charging has not yet broken through the shackles of technology. This function has become one of the "most useless functions of mobile phones".

Mobile phone comes with video, music, browser

After Android smartphones have gradually stabilized the market, many mobile phone manufacturers will let their mobile phones leave the factory to "bring home with them", and their own videos, music, and system browsers will be "brought" out by the mobile phones. These built-in video, music software, and built-in browsers may give many users an illusion. Since they are all useful, why do they need to download other third-party software? In fact, apart from the usefulness of Apple's Apple Music, the built-in Android phones can be said to be of little use.

Let's first look at the video and music software that comes with mobile phone manufacturers. The first reason why mobile phones come with video and music software is because related manufacturers can use these apps to enhance communication and interaction with users and build their own ecosystems. Secondly, through related videos and music videos, manufacturers can insert many advertisements to promote corresponding products.

Moreover, the video and music software provided by mobile phone manufacturers will have many restrictions. Many songs and videos have no copyright, and only the most basic audio and video can be viewed. Some popular videos and new songs have not been updated in the built-in App.. The difference is that the third-party software perfectly solves the problems of slow update and no copyright. On these third-party software, you can enjoy and experience the latest video and audio in all directions, and the user experience is also greatly improved. However, when you recharge as a member on a third-party application, not only will there be no advertisements on the corresponding mobile phone, but there will also be no advertisements in the video. Why not do it?

The second is that the mobile phone comes with a browser. The built-in browser of the mobile phone is actually one of the internal components of the Android system, that is, the WebView control. This control is based on the webkit engine, and its function is to display web pages. Now many mobile phone brands have built-in browsers that basically make simple modifications and adjustments on this component, and then layer the skin to become a browser.

Under the background that mobile phone manufacturers firmly believe that the apps that come with the system cannot be deleted, third-party browsers have developed greatly, and mobile phone manufacturers' browsers have lost a lot of competitiveness. On the other hand, it is impacted by self-media or short videos, which diverts users' attention. The information you see every day is no longer obtained from the browser.

And at present, quite a few people use browsers not just to use search engines to simply search for things, but to use browsers to read. Compared with the default browser of the mobile phone, the third-party browser App has a better user experience. These apps will operate the browser as an excellent product, so for users, these third-party apps are more suitable.

The Internet is also developing rapidly, and browsers are no longer the first choice when users want to search for some information or events. The environment of the entire market is that the dependence on browsers has decreased, which naturally has a great impact on the browsers that come with mobile phones. In addition, the built-in browser of the mobile phone not only has many advertisements, but also has a messy page. Generally, a third-party browser is selected, and the page is simple enough.

When the built-in browser of the mobile phone does not meet their own needs, many people will naturally choose a third-party browser. Users who are used to the Chrome browser or Quark browser on the computer are likely to extend this habit to the mobile phone. In addition, some users may be third-party browsers that were induced to install by other software.

It is mainly due to personal habits, the use of resources, and the convenience of using related mobile phone functions. Regarding many built-in functions on mobile phones, most people say that these functions are really outdated and cannot keep up with the current era in many ways.

For some middle-aged and elderly people, some built-in functions of mobile phones may affect their daily habits. Users want to delete, but many App functions are told that they cannot be deleted, which brings a lot of unnecessary troubles to their daily life. Trouble, it will also take up a lot of memory in the mobile phone, so this is the change that many mobile phone manufacturers should make the most. I hope that by optimizing the system and reducing the memory, all these built-in functions can be hidden. Or the manufacturer can also provide a choice, allowing users to choose whether to uninstall according to their own habits, so that it is more humanized in balancing interests and user experience.

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