HOMEMonitor Android PhonesMobile phone virus can steal mobile phone information through Bluetooth transmission

Mobile phone virus can steal mobile phone information through Bluetooth transmission

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A common way to attack mobile phones is to use mobile phone viruses. Due to the limitations of the current "hardware environment", "software environment", "communication environment" and "man-made environment" in which mobile phones are located, problems such as loopholes in mobile phone operating systems, compatibility of software and hardware, etc. As far as the current situation is concerned, there are several ways in which hackers use mobile phone viruses to attack mobile phones.

download via internet

Mobile phone viruses will also infect users' mobile phones through the Internet like computer viruses. For example, some hackers bundle Trojan horse viruses with mobile game files. When mobile phone users download the files to their mobile phones and run them, the mobile phones will be infected with viruses. Files, the light ones will steal or delete the data information in the mobile phone, etc., and the serious ones will destroy the core program of the mobile phone, resulting in frequent switching on and off of the mobile phone or never being able to open it, and finally must be taken back to the manufacturer for repairs. as a result of.

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Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

In addition, some mobile phone viruses bundle themselves into the download program and spread through the operator's wireless download function channel. In summary, as more and more people use their mobile phones to access the Internet and download files, mobile phone virus attacks on mobile phones will be an "imminent" danger. Such as the Commwarrior mobile phone virus, which was first discovered in Finland and has spread to many countries so far. The mobile phone infected with this virus can automatically read the local address book of the mobile phone user, and send MMS messages with hidden virus files one by one, including video, audio, and text files.

Another example is the Skulls virus. This virus file can replace the system application program and make it unusable. It can only make and receive calls. Once the Skulls virus is in the phone, all application icons will be replaced with skull and crossbones icons, and the icons will no longer be associated with the application, and the phone's Internet access, SMS, MMS and photo functions will all be lost. Once you get the virus, don't rush to restart the phone, otherwise you will have to format the phone.

Transmission via infrared or bluetooth

In addition to downloading from the Internet, mobile phone viruses can also spread through the infrared and Bluetooth functions of the mobile phone. Because the Bluetooth module and infrared module of the mobile phone can be used to achieve the purpose of connecting to the computer, the virus files in the computer can be transferred to the mobile phone. Then attack and destroy the relevant functions of the mobile phone. The so-called Bluetooth technology is actually a short-distance radio technology. The use of "Bluetooth" technology can effectively simplify the communication between mobile communication terminal devices such as handheld computers, notebook computers and mobile phones, and can also successfully simplify the communication between these devices. Communication with the Internet, so that the data transmission between these modern communication devices and the Internet becomes faster and more efficient.

When a mobile phone user connects his mobile phone to a computer via Bluetooth or infrared rays, the virus, Trojan horse files or malicious programs that already exist in the computer will be transmitted to the mobile phone through Bluetooth, thereby infecting the operating system and application programs of the mobile phone. In addition, the Trojan horse virus infects mobile phones through Bluetooth or infrared rays not only between the mobile phone and the computer, but also between two mobile phones. The Bluetooth device of the mobile phone is paired with it. After the pairing is successful, the data can be transmitted to each other. If there is a Trojan virus file in one mobile phone, it will be transmitted to the other, so that it can be infected with the virus.

There are many kinds of virus files that attack mobile phones through infrared or Bluetooth. The common one is Cabir virus. This virus file is mainly transmitted in a short distance through Bluetooth. After this virus is installed in the mobile phone, there is generally no obvious characteristic reaction except that the power consumption is very fast. However, the Cabir virus will rewrite the system startup files to allow itself to start together with the system, and then continuously search for nearby Bluetooth mobile phones configured as "visible" through Bluetooth. Once found, it will send itself out to infect other devices. At present, there are many variants of this virus, mainly to enhance the transmission function. In addition, the name displayed at the time of installation has changed from the original "Cabire" to become more and more secretive, thereby attracting recipients to run, and some malicious codes can also replace third-party applications. Program files, and self-replication, can even cause system crashes and instability.

SMS and dissemination of garbled characters

In addition to the two ways of mobile phone virus transmission described above, mobile phone viruses will also attack mobile phones with the help of "virus text messages". The success rate of mobile phones. Generally, a mobile phone infected with a "virus message" will not be able to provide certain services, and the data in the mobile phone will be modified or destroyed by a Trojan horse virus.

Common mobile phone text messages are generally not bound by Trojan horse viruses, but some MMS messages that are very popular on the Internet are easily bound by Trojan horse viruses, and are also likely to be invaded and modified by malicious programs and Trojan horse viruses during transmission, making It successfully carries the virus data, so that when the mobile phone user checks the multimedia message in his mobile phone, the virus will enter the mobile phone system without anyone noticing, but for the traditional text message, due to its format To simplify, the virus file cannot realize the bundling operation, but implants the Trojan horse virus by inducing you to download the APP.

Use mobile phone BUG to spread

In addition to hardware settings such as CPU and memory, smart phones also have their own operating system, which manages hardware devices in the same way as the Windows operating system in computers. At the same time, the mobile phone operating system needs to install vulnerability patches in time just like the operating system in the computer, otherwise hackers will use mobile phone vulnerabilities to achieve the purpose of attack.

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