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Why Snapdragon Gaming Phones Are Frequently Favored

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If the main line of the mobile phone circle in 2021 is "privacy", then the mobile phone circle in 2022 must be "performance". From the beginning of the year when the Snapdragon 8 flagships broke through 100 points, to the frequent release of gaming phones equipped with Snapdragon chips, manufacturers seem to be competing on the "performance" track intentionally or unintentionally. Why are Snapdragon gaming phones frequently favored by manufacturers and players? How it climbed to the top of the industry is inseparable from the following four aspects.

Subverting specifications and leaping, building a powerful performance core

In terms of hardware, the next-generation flagship Snapdragon mobile platform in 2022, Snapdragon 8 will bring a new specification of CPU with large, medium and small cores, and the frequency will be greatly improved, and the process technology will be further improved from 5nm to 4nm. It can be said that the ample performance of Snapdragon 8 has given manufacturers the confidence to "dead" performance. In the second half of the year, the Snapdragon 8+ continued the "overclocking version" upgrade plan. The large, medium and small cores were upgraded to 3.2GHz, 2.75GHz, and 2.0Ghz respectively, and the performance was about 10% higher than that of the Snapdragon 8. Thanks to the replacement and optimization of the manufacturing process, the overall power consumption of the Snapdragon 8+ has also been reduced by 15%.

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Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

This has also created a number of Snapdragon 8+ gaming phones that not only easily break through the 1.1 million mark in terms of running scores, but also have a better energy efficiency ratio than before, which greatly reduces the heat loss of the SoC. According to this, the personal experience given to users is that the Snapdragon 8+ gaming phone is not so hot under heavy games, and the battery life is longer. And these two aspects happen to be the most important parts of a gaming phone that focuses on performance.

Global software optimization, bringing the game experience without dead ends

On the software level, "Snapdragon Elite Gaming" is the collective name for a series of special optimization features and enhanced functions of Snapdragon. It has been iterated to the fourth generation, covering more than 50 function optimizations, and the "curative effect" is the most significant. It belongs to the game experience. For the picture, "Variable Resolution Rendering Technology (VRS)" has been upgraded to "VRS Pro" with the arrival of the fourth-generation Snapdragon Elite Gaming, and has brought a display effect with both image quality and energy efficiency. Based on Adreno 730, VRS Pro can not only integrate multiple pixels into one group for unified processing, but also support game developers to set the rendering resolution based on the screen position, rendering each pixel group more efficiently. Without reducing the visual quality, two aspects of game frame rate and game power consumption have been optimized. The optimization effect of VRS Pro is particularly obvious for scenes with rich details like Yuanshin or complex scenes such as MOBA games with multiple group skills.

In terms of control, "Game Quick Touch" is a touch response optimization for Snapdragon to better cooperate with high-quality screens with 360Hz and 720Hz touch sampling rates. The main function is to shorten the touch response time at the bottom. down to the millisecond level. For high-frame FPS games, the improved response speed makes the player's operations such as opening the mirror and pressing the gun smoother. Let players perform extreme operations in fierce games.

If the Snapdragon 8+ provides enough hardware confidence for mobile phone manufacturers to conquer major games, then the fourth-generation Snapdragon Elite Gaming is like a "glue". In addition to the two optimizations mentioned above, the optimization of functions such as "stereoscopic rendering technology", "Adreno image motion engine", "Snapdragon Sound" and "game network delay management" allows all mobile phone hardware to be harmonious in the entire game game Together, it can effectively bring users a smooth and seamless gaming experience.

Differentiated game experience, expanding the influence of Snapdragon platform games

If they want to take the lead on this performance track, mobile phone manufacturers will obviously not be comfortable with only relying on Snapdragon. Therefore, with the high degree of freedom of the Snapdragon platform, users can also see the following bunch of black technologies in the Snapdragon 8+ gaming phones.

iQOO 10 Pro was the first to debut with the industry's first 200W wired charging power, and it also successfully achieved zero-hundred-charge charging in 10 minutes, which is the only one in the industry. Although it is obviously impossible to achieve 200W high-power charging while playing while charging, it is also a problem for the battery life caused by long-term high-intensity games by cleverly using the gap time in the game to quickly recover blood in a short period of time. Nice solution.

As a representative of traditional gaming phones, ROG6 Pro has achieved the ultimate in heat dissipation in the industry. The new matrix liquid cooling architecture 6.0 innovatively adds an intermediary layer between the motherboard and the RF board. And using the exclusive filling technology, it is filled with 3300mg of boron nitride. The official claims that under the action of this layer of cooling material, the cooling rate of ROG6 Pro can reach up to 10°C. With its own ROG Cooler Fan 6, the cooling effect can be even better. This provides sufficient confidence for the stable frame of the game for a long time.

The Snapdragon 8+ game phone's "each shows its magic" game solution, while adding its own product highlights, it also expands the performance map of the Snapdragon 8+ game phone to a certain extent, allowing the Snapdragon 8+ game phone The influence of the game is growing stronger in the industry.

Open ecological strategy to achieve full-link experience optimization

With excellent hardware performance, a number of software optimizations, and a platform architecture with a high degree of freedom, all mobile phone manufacturers have chosen the Snapdragon mobile platform in their annual flagships in recent years without exception, and have maintained a good and high degree of cooperation with Qualcomm. relationship, bringing users a Snapdragon gaming phone that subverts performance imagination.

Of course, in addition to OEM manufacturers, Qualcomm is also actively cooperating with mainstream operators and leading game manufacturers. Qualcomm has formally reached a strategic cooperation in 2019, and focuses on the development of mobile games. This also means that Snapdragon has officially realized the optimization of the full-link game experience from source to terminal. Thanks to the in-depth polishing of mobile games at the software and hardware levels by both parties, users can easily enjoy the top-level picture quality and long-lasting and smooth gaming experience in mobile games on Snapdragon gaming phones.

Summary: The mutual achievements of Snapdragon and gaming phones

For users, they can easily feel the excellent performance provided by Snapdragon 8+ in the Snapdragon gaming phone, and enjoy the game smoothly under the global optimization of Snapdragon Elite Gaming. At the same time, the high degree of freedom of the Snapdragon platform can fully meet their various needs for gaming phones. The open ecological strategy of Snapdragon has also allowed more and more mobile phone manufacturers, mainstream operators, and leading game manufacturers to participate in the optimization of the game, providing users with a game experience that lasts forever.

This is also the reason why gaming phones love Snapdragon. On the one hand, gaming mobile phones backed by Snapdragon are born with a good foundation; on the other hand, the flourishing of the gaming mobile phone market is also promoting the healthy development of the Snapdragon platform. The mutual achievements of the two parties, of course the biggest beneficiaries are us as users. As a user, for me, a gaming phone should also have a complete gaming experience.

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