HOMEMonitor Android PhonesHow to remote control Android phone from computer?

How to remote control Android phone from computer?

How to Remotely Monitor Other Android Phone Activities

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The latest stable version of the Chrome browser will be released recently, and there is now an option to turn off tab ads. With those annoying promotional ads out of the way, it's time to do some serious business with Chrome. In the browser, you can remotely control the Android mobile phone or tablet computer, and you can also manage the files in the mobile phone and tablet computer. How can you miss the quick way to remotely control your phone from your computer?

Enter web.airdroid.com in the Chrome browser, and you can use any browser to connect to the monitored device, and then realize remote control of the AirDroid phone from the computer. Among many browsers, Chrome has better compatibility, so it is highly recommended for users who need to remotely control mobile phones and file management on the computer, to bookmark the web end web.airdroid.com of AirDroid Personal Edition into Chrome's common URLs!

Mobile Phone Spy App

Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

How to realize remote control of Android phone from computer?

The first step is to download and register AirDroid Personal Edition on the controlled Android phone or tablet.

The second step is to paste web.airdroid.com into the search bar of Google Chrome browser, click to jump to enter the web page of AirDroid Personal Edition. This is the console program. Ready to remotely control your Android phone from your computer? Please see the next step.

The third step is to log in the same account on the web.airdroid.com of the browser and the mobile phone (if you do not have an account, please register an account first)

After completing the above three steps, you can try to remotely control the Android phone from the computer on Google Chrome, and at the same time remotely manage the files, photos, audio, video, etc. in the Android phone.

What functions can I experience by remotely controlling an Android phone from a computer?

remote control
Playing mobile games on the computer, remotely accessing idle Android devices, continuing to use the device after the phone screen is damaged, co-processing the work on the phone on the computer, etc., can also be done on the Web side.

remote camera
Access the camera of the Android device through the browser anytime, anywhere, not only to view the pictures taken by the camera of the Android device, but also to enable the one-way listening function to listen to the sound around the device, which is a good way to take care of the elderly, children or pets at home.

file management
Enter web.airdroid.com, click the "File" icon, you can browse, upload, download, delete, search, rename all files and folders on the device.

Mobile phone file management function

  • Only the Chrome browser supports uploading folders.
  • Due to Google's permission restrictions, Android 4.4 devices cannot manage external SD cards.
  • Download file: After selecting a file, click the "Download" button in the upper right corner, multiple files downloaded at the same time will be packaged in ZIP format, and the downloaded files will be stored in the browser's default download path folder.
  • Upload files: Click the "Upload Files" button in the upper right corner and select the files or folders to be uploaded. Or drag and drop files or folders to the "Toolbox" file (files or folders will be saved to SD Card/airdroid/upload by default, and the save path can be modified by clicking the icon next to the path)
  • Delete files: select one or more files to be deleted, right-click, and select "Delete" - "OK". You can also click the trash can icon at the top of the window to delete after selecting the files to be deleted.
  • Search files: Enter keywords in the search box in the upper left corner to search.
  • Rename files: After selecting one or more files to be renamed, click the right mouse button, select "Rename", and input a new file name. You can also directly click the rename icon at the top of the window to rename the file or folder.
  • Find your phone remotely (a unique function on the Web side): support locating Android devices on the map, find your phone through the ring function, and protect all personal data on your Android device through the lock and wipe functions. Additionally, the "Intruder" feature (only available for premium accounts) snaps a photo of someone trying to unlock your device.
  • Ring function: Make your phone sound at full volume to help you find it in the room.
  • Lost Mode: Locks the phone with a passcode and displays owner information on the screen. This function does not support Android 7.0 and above systems (to exit the lost mode, please click "Unlock")
  • Monitor intruders: Take pictures of intruders who fail to unlock your phone twice. (You should set "Lost Mode" first)
  • Wipe: Resets the phone to factory defaults and wipes all data on it.

How to enable/disable find phone?

Turn on the mobile phone lookup function:
Open AirDroid Personal Edition on the mobile phone - click Personal - Security and Remote Function Settings, click Find Phone, click Enable Permission, and select "Activate" on the pop-up activation window.

Disable phone lookup:
Open AirDroid Personal Edition on the mobile phone - click Personal - Security and Remote Function Settings, click Find Phone, click [Stop Protection], enter the password and click OK.

  • Finding the phone relies on certain features provided by the Android Device Management API, such as clearing all data, monitoring screen unlock attempts, etc., and requires device administrator activation to be used.
  • Due to system limitations of some Android phones, the "Find Phone" feature may not work as expected on some Android devices.

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