HOMEParental Control AppHow to Track My Daughter's Cell Phone and Read Secret Conversation

How to Track My Daughter's Cell Phone and Read Secret Conversation

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Online social software makes communication more convenient for users, but it also brings many problems to the growth of teenagers, especially girls from 12 to 14 years old. While boys are more likely to use video games as a means of hanging out online, girls prefer social media, research shows. Additionally, there are about 20 percent more girls than boys on Instagram and Snapchat. Many children now have their own smart phones, so that they can quickly get in touch with their parents through the mobile phone. In addition, we can also use the current Internet technology to locate our children's location at any time. A question every parent has, how do I track my daughter's phone without her knowing?

How to track and control my daughter's mobile phone at any time to avoid potential dangers in the network.

Mobile Phone Spy App

Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
  • 1. Remote monitoring of mobile phones allows parents to better manage their children
  • 2. What parents can do
  • 3. How to Remotely Track My Daughter's Phone
  • 4. Summary

Protecting my own children - Tracking my daughter's phone without her knowing

With the prevalence of social networking sites, "online bullying" has become an increasingly serious social problem. And with the frequency of teenagers using mobile phones and the Internet increasing, cyberbullying has a great impact on teenagers. Cyberbullying can lead to long-term psychological harm in adolescents, including loss of self-confidence, depression, short temper, lower academic performance, truancy, and sometimes school violence or suicide. Because cyberbullying is difficult to accurately define, and because it occurs randomly and universally, there is no pattern to be found, and victims usually do not report it, it is difficult to identify cyberbullying, which in turn leads to more harm to young people. serious. On Instagram and similar forms of social media, girls are also routinely exposed to images that promote unrealistic body standards, contributing to teen depression and eating disorders.

How to Remotely Track My Daughter's Cell Phone

Remotely spy on your daughter's phone easily in a few simple steps

register account
Start by registering your account on CellSpy. In the "Create Account" window that appears, fill in a valid email address and password for the account, and make sure these are filled out correctly. Then click the "Sign Up" button to create your account.

Verify or confirm iCloud account
The next step is to fill in the mobile phone to be tracked. After finishing the operation, click the "Next" button at the bottom of the window, confirm the mobile phone to be monitored and install the CellSpy mobile phone monitoring program on the mobile phone. If it's an iOS device, you don't need to install the software, enter your iPhone's Apple ID and password, and click the "Verify" button. Always make sure that both the sync service and iCloud backup are active on the phone you want to monitor as it will help you keep track of all the messages on your phone properly.

Set target device permissions
You can now go directly to the control panel and click the button to see the full content of all received and you can also use CellSpy to track all the activities of the phone.

what parents can do

To keep your daughter safe, it's important to know what she's doing online. The easiest way is to use an invisible cell phone surveillance system. Why make it invisible? If kids think their parents are peeping at their phones, they will hide what's really happening. There are options to view your daughter's phone chat conversations, social media, and even track her phone location.

The damage caused by cyberbullying to children is mostly psychological, and this kind of psychological damage is much more difficult to heal than physical damage, and such effects are more likely to last for several months to decades. As a parent, we must give reasonable guidance and assistance to children's online life while they are exposed to the Internet.

If you have discovered that your child is being affected and harmed by cyberbullying, here are some things you can do:

  • Let the child not act rashly or take revenge, and cut off all communication from the other party.
  • Contact the bully to ask them to stop their aggressive behavior, send an email or instant message if you are not sure who they really are.
  • Most cyberbullying behaviors are harassment, threats, insults, etc., which are against the "terms of service" of the website or Internet service provider. Complaints can be made against the service to suspend or terminate the other party's access to the Internet.
  • Contact a psychological teacher or expert for necessary psychological counseling.

Before children have the ability to distinguish, parents must assume the responsibility of guiding their children in the face of complex network resources. Whether it is for parents or children, cyberbullying is an important issue that cannot be ignored in the process of children's growth. It is necessary to teach children how to protect themselves from being hurt and face cyberbullying and cyberviolence correctly.

  • Parents must first establish a parent-child relationship with equal communication, so that children can surf the Internet safely and healthily.
  • Accompaniment and communication are also very important to fully understand the deepest desires of children.
  • Reduce children's dependence on the Internet, use holiday time to lead children out to get in touch with nature, increase attention to children's daily life, and cultivate children to establish a correct concept of network socialization.

We stand by our products as one of the best choices in the security industry. CellSpy cell phone monitoring software provides parents with detailed content about their children's cell phones. It can view all messages (including deleted ones), stored photos, internet and application activity, phone location and more, all from your web browser. The app tracks iPhones and Android phones.

  • Social Media Spy: With CellSpy software, you can easily monitor all social apps activity and hack Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line etc.
  • View Messages, Contacts and Call History: The software can read all messages sent and received on the target phone, daughter and boyfriend conversations, and calls from various contacts.
  • MONITOR EVENTS AND NOTES: CellSpy is the most amazing tool for keeping track of reminders, memos and calendars.
  • Multimedia Files: This is also an essential feature of CellSpy that helps you view and monitor all the videos, music and images shared or downloaded on your daughter's phone.
  • Browser History: This app allows you to track all web browsing actions on your daughter's phone, including URLs and logs, etc.


There's no perfect way to keep your daughter or other children safe online, but monitoring your phone is always a good start. Teenage girls are plagued by cyberbullying and inappropriate online messages, which can lead to eating disorders and depression. Using the mobile phone tracking app to keep an eye on the chat conversations and social software your daughter sends and receives, you can detect any potential danger early and take quick action to protect her safety.

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