HOMEParental Control AppHow can I see everything on my kid's phone without them knowing

How can I see everything on my kid's phone without them knowing

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Mobile Phone Spy App

Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

Gone are the days when phones and tablets were only for adults. Nowadays, children can easily use their parents' electronic devices, and teenagers also have their own smartphones. For current parents, it is very necessary to use parental control applications to manage children's mobile phones.

According to recent research, 32% of teens are victims of the Internet and more than 65% of teens have experienced cyberbullying. More often than not, when your kids use social networking apps, including Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Tinder, they can be exposed to cyberbullying. Usually when children suffer from online violence and deception, they may not talk about these topics with their parents because of fear, which may eventually make children feel insecure and lead to psychological problems in them. In addition, the Internet is full of violence and pornography, which will cause harm to your child's healthy growth, so you should learn to monitor and track your child's mobile phone to prevent this from happening, and smart parents should know how to deal with these problems.

Mobile Phone Spy App

Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

If you are worried that your children are addicted to mobile phones, or that they have suffered from cyber violence, you can install mobile phone monitoring software on your children's mobile phones to know who your children are chatting with on their mobile phones, and check pictures, text messages, emails and GPS locations in their mobile phones wait. It will restore all deleted information from your kid's phone including call logs, emails, chat conversations, pictures and videos.

How to use software to track your child's cell phone?

Mycellspy cell phone tracking software works on mobile or tablet devices and provides rich dashboard features to help you monitor your kids' online activities. Mycellspy software allows you to track their location, block certain games and applications, monitor calls, send messages, and more.

  • GPS navigation
    The monitoring software uses WIFI, GPS and base station information to locate the mobile phone in real time. Parents can check the location of their children through the online map, and find their children in time through navigation.
  • electric fence
    Parents can set the track range by creating an electronic fence. When the child's mobile phone exceeds this area, the monitoring software will immediately notify the parents.
  • emergency recording
    When your child is in danger, parents can use the environmental recording function to listen to the audio around the child and deal with it in time.
  • hide icon
    In order to prevent children from accidentally uninstalling the monitoring app, you can also set it to a hidden mode, so that the app icon will not be displayed on the phone desktop, and the children will not know that you are monitoring them remotely.
  • View screen activity
    Parents can take screenshots of their children's mobile phones at any time to view all activities on their mobile phones.
  • browser history
    Parents can view the mobile phone's browser surfing records, access time, browser bookmarks and favorite URLs.
  • call records
    When a child's mobile phone makes or receives a call, the monitoring software will automatically record the call, including the number dialed, the duration of the call, and the voice of the call. Parents can view this information on the dashboard.
  • conversation message
    See all messages sent and received on their phones, who they're chatting with, what their conversations are about. Even if they delete the messages, you can still see them.

How to keep teens from getting addicted to their smartphones?

Teenagers are addicted to their smartphones, and while you may never be able to cure their addiction, you can help them use their smartphones more responsibly. The main reason most parents want to track their kids' phones is to worry about where their kids are or what they're doing. In addition, parents may want to know all the text messages their children have sent or received, as well as who they are chatting with on social media apps. Keep your kids safe by monitoring social media usage, messages and content. Cell phone spying software runs completely hidden in the background, so your kids don't know if you're spying on them. When your child's mobile phone is connected to the Internet, you can view all monitoring records.

A child will be addicted to mobile phones and the Internet. It may be that he has few hobbies or has no hobbies of his own. The only thing they can relax and entertain is the mobile phone, and when their hobbies are not limited to the mobile phone, then his vision will be wider, and he will not be immersed in the virtual world of the mobile phone from time to time. Therefore, parents should know how to encourage them to develop their hobbies, and they can also guide them to develop a new hobby to divert their attention.

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