HOMEParental Control App10 Free Tracking Apps For Parents to Remotely Control Kids Phone

10 Free Tracking Apps For Parents to Remotely Control Kids Phone

Best Parental Control Software - Monitor Your Child Phone Online

Mobile Phone Spy App

Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

The internet is rich with information, but it's not as safe as it seems, especially for kids. The entire online world is full of all kinds of pitfalls that even adults can fall into; imagine the consequences for your kids. So if you're planning to buy your child a smartphone or an iPad or tablet to stay connected and learn, then you should have a lot to worry about.

You can guide and supervise your children's behavior on the Internet through parental management software. With the help of these 10 smartest parent management software, you can track your kids' call logs, browsing history, dangerous content access, apps they install, and more.

Apps for Parents to Control Kids' Phones

  • 1. CellSpy Cell Phone Monitoring App
  • 2. mSpy
  • 3. Kaspersky Safe Kids
  • 4. Mobicip
  • 5. Norton Family Premier
  • 6. Net Nanny
  • 7. Quostodio
  • 8. Secure Teen
  • 9. Net Sanity
  • 10. Kids Place

Mobile Phone Spy App

Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

CellSpy Cell Phone Monitoring App

If you are looking for an easy way to monitor your kid's cell phone, CellSpy Cell Phone Spy App is the way to go. This mobile app makes it easy to keep track of everything on your child's phone. With just one click, you can check all your kids' phone content, including text messages, call logs, contacts, chat conversations, Line messages, and other data.

Why choose this CellSpy cell phone monitoring software:

  • Remotely view everything from call logs to your phone
  • Capable of hacking Facebook Messenger accounts and WhatsApp, Line, Instagram, etc. accounts and spying on their content.
  • Limit children's phone use with the "Smart Limits" feature, which allows you to easily limit the amount of time your little one spends on their phones. Control the time your phone spends online, and block incoming calls from harmful web pages, apps, and contacts.
  • Easily track your family's location no matter where they are.
  • You can monitor the information of multiple devices through multiple mobile phones without being detected.

How to use this parental control software:

First you need to create a CellSpy account. After installing the application, log in to the application using the account credentials created earlier. Remember, you need administrator privileges; you can track it by logging into the target phone on the CellSpy admin panel. Now you can log into the CellSpy admin panel from your computer or mobile phone and start tracking your child's condition.


  • Check your browser history to make sure your kids are safe online
  • Can help you check all contacts including their profile messages
  • You can track the child's location through the GPS heat map, and understand the child's activity range
  • Get access to Calendar, Reminders and Notepad

CellSpy can be tracked anytime, anywhere, and it is one of the best parental monitoring apps that can be used on any device.

mspy monitoring software

mSpy is a powerful parental monitoring app that helps parents monitor their kids' smartphone usage. With mSpy, you can steal data on your phone, monitor conversation messages, call logs, contacts, etc., restrict the use of apps on your phone, track your child's current location, and more.


  • Monitor WhatsApp, Line, Facebook and other instant messaging apps
  • Supports most Android and iOS devices
  • Quick Install, Easy to Use
  • Live location allows parents to know where their children are


  • you need to subscribe first
  • drains the battery quickly
  • free trial

Kaspersky Safe Kids monitoring software

This parental guidance app allows parents to define safe areas for their children and it will sound an alert when your child steps out of the area. Among other things, it allows for content filtering, call/conversation messaging, location tracking, and more. The Android version of the app also allows Facebook notification monitoring.

main feature:

  • Safe Zone Definition
  • content filtering
  • call/conversation message
  • GPS tracking
  • extensive report
  • age permission

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS


  • unlimited devices
  • Block harmful websites with content filtering
  • Geofence settings
  • very affordable

Cons: Call and message monitoring is only available on Android

Mobicip monitoring software

The software, available on phones, tablets and computers, provides remote control for parents. It is a multi-user and multi-device application that is completely safe and secure.

main feature:

  • Powerful content retrieval function
  • Weekly plan creation
  • monitor calls
  • view browsing history
  • Configuration and monitoring application software
  • Download and manage application software

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Kindle and Nook


  • Bind multiple sub-devices
  • Online configuration and management


  • Blockage and delay in communication between local help and networked console
  • Unlimited daily/weekly internet usage
  • No real-time notifications from parents

Norton family premiere monitoring software

Norton Family Premier is a powerful parental monitoring software with powerful content retrieval software, GPS tracking, and other news reports about what your children are doing on mobile devices and tablets.

main feature:

  • Content filtering and blocking
  • location monitoring
  • use time report
  • Monitor video activity
  • Application Software Supervision
  • News supervision

Compatibility: Android

Pros: Quite a lot of filtering and blocking features

Cons: Video sessions and live chat sessions are not currently recorded

NetNanny monitoring software

NetNanny is one of the most trusted parental guidance apps with multi-device support and excellent content filtering.

main feature:

  • block pornography
  • internet control
  • Time management by setting usage limits
  • professional blocking
  • Reports and Alerts
  • multiple user profiles

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS

Pros: Instead of blocking everything, you can just block offensive language

Cons: It doesn't support social media activity tracking.

quostodio monitoring software

This parental guidance app creates a safe online environment for your kids and family. With smart content filtering and powerful monitoring features, this software is definitely one of the top 10 parental control apps.

main feature:

  • block pornography
  • Monitor social media activity
  • Game and application software control
  • Message and Call Tracking
  • location tracking
  • Set multiple device time limits

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Pros: Easy to help with documentation and keyword searches

Disadvantages: no message notification reminder

Secure Teen monitoring software

Secure Teen is a powerful and feature-rich app for parental control and cell phone monitoring. It correctly identifies children's top safety concerns and provides parents with a great opportunity to control what their children do on the Internet.

main feature:

  • internet filtering
  • security filter
  • location tracking
  • Web History Monitoring
  • application blocking
  • social media monitoring
  • call records
  • Emergency call
  • message monitoring
  • remote system management

Compatibility: iOS, Android and Windows


  • Easily blocks violent and pornographic games
  • Comprehensive functions of application software

Disadvantage: Not compatible with all IM platforms and application software

Net sanity monitoring software

Net Sanity is a parent guidance application with cloud computing capabilities. Currently it only works with Samsung smartphones. It can be used to track the smartphone activities of your kids and family members.

main feature:

  • Message and Text Blocking
  • phone call blocking
  • GPS location tracking
  • call tracking
  • content filtering
  • timeout function

Compatibility: Android (Samsung smartphones)


  • Limit device scheduling
  • More than 30 internet categories for setting filtering


  • Not compatible with other smartphones except Samsung.
  • Kids Place – Parental Monitoring App

kids place monitoring software

This app provides access to smartphones to keep your kids safer online.

main feature:

  • Prevent children from purchasing and downloading application software.
  • Create multiple users.
  • Automatically lock your phone after a specified time.
  • call blocking

Main features: Compatible with kindle, Android and Nook


  • Chat and call not allowed
  • Can convert any phone or tablet into kid mode


  • Only suitable for children under 8 years old, older children can easily find a way to remove the restrictions
  • Can only be managed by one person and one device
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