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How to Control My Child's Phone and Monitor Child's WhatsApp Messages for Free

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Among the common Internet devices, the most common Internet tool used by teenagers is smartphones, accounting for 82.7% of the surveyed population. In addition, mobile Internet devices such as tablets and children's smart watches also account for a certain proportion. Most of the smart phone systems used by teenagers are Android systems. The development of Internet security protection software for Android phone systems has sufficient necessity and reality.

There is a gap between adolescents' online behavior and their parents' cognitive expectations

Due to the flexibility of the mobile network and the fact that it is not restricted by location, the frequency, time and content of children's Internet access are more concealed and more difficult to control. According to the survey, it can be found that 38.4% of teenagers surf the Internet more than 4 times a day, while only 15.8% of parents think that the reasonable frequency of children surfing the Internet is more than 4 times a day. There is a certain level of gap between parents' expectations and the actual situation.

Mobile Phone Spy App

Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

More than 50% of teenagers spend half an hour to 2 hours online every day, and 26.7% of teenagers go online for more than 3 hours a day. Approximately 59.1% of parents generally believe that children should not spend more than one hour on the Internet each time, and only 18.4% can accept that their children spend more than 2 hours on the Internet each time.

The most common thing that teenagers do with their mobile phones is chat, followed by learning and access to information. In addition, listening to music, online games, online videos, news and information also account for a large proportion of youth mobile network activities; and parents Most hope that children can use online resources to look up information, learn and listen to music.

According to the survey, more than 60% of teenagers have consumed online services, of which 76.9% would inform their parents before consumption, and 23.1% would not know their parents before consumption. 29.7% of teenagers have quietly used their parents' mobile bank cards to make payments, and even 3.9% of teenagers often do so. Teenagers spend the most money on items such as audio-visual entertainment. Regarding the amount of money spent, the proportion approved by parents is generally higher than that of children, and the proportion approved by parents is lower than the proportion of children's inclination.

90% of parents think their children are dependent on mobile phones

Parents are generally concerned about the fact that their children are exposed to the mobile network too frequently. The most important thing is that they are worried that playing mobile phones will take up a lot of time. In addition, it also involves schoolwork, personal and property safety and other adverse effects, only 12.9% of them Parents don't worry about problems with their children's access to the mobile network.

According to the survey results, in addition to 10.3% of the parents believe that there is no mobile phone dependence problem, 89.7% of the parents report that their children have a certain mobile phone dependence phenomenon. Including relying on mobile phones when encountering problems, wanting to play with mobile phones when I have free time, not being able to control the time of playing with mobile phones very well, once I start playing, I cannot let go, and my mood deteriorates when I have to leave the mobile phone.

For this reason, most parents have adopted certain control measures, and only 3.7% of parents have never restricted their children to surf the Internet, relying on their children's awareness. The management methods adopted by parents are mostly to limit the daily use time, supervise, persuade and educate. 14.7% of parents also use mobile network security protection software for prevention and control. But for their own management effects, only 26.6% of parents are satisfied.

Sixty percent of young people's exposure to bad information is fraud or pornography

Young people are not very vigilant about the potential risks that the mobile network may face. The survey found that 39.7% will connect directly after searching Wi-Fi in public places. When installing mobile phone software, 44.8% of teenagers will still install and use it when they are prompted to risk it. They face certain risks when using the mobile network.

Teenagers have different attitudes towards links or programs sent by different people. They are less vigilant towards links sent by relatives, friends and netizens who often chat, and are more vigilant towards system messages, unfamiliar netizens, and strangers. However, 18.7%, 6.4%, and 3.6% of teenagers will click. For the safety protection of online shopping, 51.4% of young people will choose to use safety software to ensure safety.

72.9% of teenagers have been exposed to bad information. Fraud is the most undesirable information that young people come into contact with, accounting for 37.9% of the total number of surveys. Pornographic information ranks second, accounting for 28.1%. The next ones are illegal speech, gambling, violence, intimidation, and abuse, with 20 each. About% of young people have been exposed to such bad information.

23.1% of teenagers often encounter pornography, violent intimidation and other types of information, and 9.7% of teenagers encounter it almost every time they go online. After encountering this type of situation, 59.9% of teenagers ignore it, and 24.1% of teenagers Will choose to report, 16.4% of teenagers will tell their parents and teachers, but 12.3% of curious babies will click to take a look.

Most teenagers are less likely to encounter Internet fraud, and the situations that they often encounter and almost every time they go online account for 10.8% and 5.3%, respectively. After encountering Internet fraud, unlike other bad information, the most popular measure for teenagers is to report to the relevant authorities, accounting for 36.2%, followed by asking parents and friends for their opinions, accounting for 26.6%. It is not uncommon to delete relevant information directly or ignore it, accounting for 31.8% and 23.4% respectively.

There is still room for improvement in network security protection

In order to protect young people from Internet cancer, 55.5% of parents will adopt reminders and education to protect their children's mobile network security, and 40.2% and 38.8% of parents will strictly guard financial-related information and allow children to use it under their supervision. For mobile phones, another 21.3% of parents will download mobile security software for protection, and only 13.4% of parents use mobile network security protection products for supervision.

When software or network monitoring platforms control the online behavior of teenagers, less than half of the teenagers will stop surfing the Internet, and more than half of the teenagers will take various measures to break the supervision and restrictions, so as to achieve the purpose of continuing to surf the Internet. More than half of the parents are satisfied with the effect of the mobile network security protection software they have used, 35.5% of the parents think the effect is average, and 3.8% and 1.4% of the parents are dissatisfied and very dissatisfied. It can be seen that there is still room for improvement in the effectiveness of network security protection tools.

Help parents manage their children's mobile phones remotely

Mobile Phone Monitoring App is a security software that helps parents manage their children's mobile phones remotely. Parents can prevent children from indulging in the Internet by managing the App in their mobile phones, setting Internet time slots, etc.; by intercepting bad information, setting up URL black and white lists to ensure their children's Internet safety; by viewing the children's real-time location, setting safe areas and family numbers so that they can be in danger Notify parents quickly.

  • Real-time positioning:
    Tracking software uses wifi, GPS, and base station positioning to locate the child's position in real time.
  • Electronic fence:
    Parents can create an electronic fence to set their children in a safe fence to prevent their children from getting lost or other accidents.
  • Quick navigation:
    Parents can find their children in time through the navigation function, no matter where the children are, they can quickly navigate you to their children in time.
  • Movement trajectory:
    Parents can see the child's past movement trajectory and keep abreast of the child's previous activities.
  • Remote alarm:
    When the child is in a dangerous environment, the child can use the one-key alarm function to notify the parents of the danger in time, so that the parents can help themselves in time.
  • Emergency recording:
    When the child is in danger, parents can use the emergency recording function to obtain the audio environment around the child, and take appropriate measures in time.
  • Hidden icons:
    In order to prevent children from accidentally uninstalling the App, you can also set the App to hidden mode so that no icons will be displayed on the phone desktop.
  • Call records:
    View the history call records of your child's mobile phone and listen to the call recordings.
  • Internet records:
    Record the phone's browser Internet records, access time, browser bookmarks and favorite URLs.
  • Screen activity:
    Parents can take screenshots of the screen content of their children's mobile phones and save them as pictures to view the screen pictures remotely.

How parents should let their children use mobile phones correctly

Parents must lead by example

When parents are opposed to their children playing with mobile phones, many parents do not lead by example. Many parents keep their mobile phones in their hands while their children are doing homework or eating. How can they still ask their children? What parents have to do is to lead by example, set a good example for their children, let their children imitate their parents, and strictly control the time and regularity of using mobile phones.

Make rules for children

Children in their adolescence are more rebellious. Parents don't say anything. If the child's mobile phone is confiscated, it will inevitably cause strong dissatisfaction with the child. Therefore, parents should communicate with their children and set a rule for their children, when to learn and when to use Cell phones, how much time you spend on your cell phones, should be clear to your children, and let the children feel that their parents are not very tight.

Mobile phone underage mode

Today's mobile phones have the function of minor mode. Parents can set the minor mode on the child's mobile phone, so that whether the child is playing games or doing other things, this is of great help to the child. And in the case of I underage mode, it can also filter out inappropriate videos for children, which greatly reduces the frequency of children's use of mobile phones, thereby effectively protecting our children.

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