HOMESpy Call RecorderHow to Listen Call Recording from Another Mobile Phone Secretly for Free

How to Listen Call Recording from Another Mobile Phone Secretly for Free

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Mobile Phone Spy App

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Many people have been using call recording apps for many legitimate reasons. For legal and security issues, everyone uses the call recording function for different purposes. It is mostly legal to record real-time phone calls in the world. This is related to parents managing children, employers monitoring employees and keeping records of relatives. But recording calls on different mobile phone operating systems (such as Android and iOS devices) is not easy.

  • Do you want to secretly record the call sound on your Android phone?
  • The best mobile phone recording voice application software.
  • How does the phone recording application run on the phone?
  • How to use the phone's built-in function to record calls?
  • How to choose the best call recorder application?
  • The following problems may exist in the mobile phone call recorder.

Mobile Phone Spy App

Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

Do you want to secretly record the call sound on your Android phone?

Sometimes in life, it is necessary to record calls and save evidence to avoid disputes in the future. Generally, Android phones have a recording function, but each call needs to be clicked to record. Most of the time, users may forget to click. Using a third-party application can solve this problem.

You need to know that Google-supported devices do not come with built-in call recording software, but you do the work through third-party applications. You can use an external recorder or Google Voice service, but you can consider using a third-party call recording software to make the real difference so that incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded under appropriate circumstances.

The best mobile phone call sound recording app

CellSpy is one of the best applications for recording call sounds, and we rank it first in the category of call recording applications. It has the most advanced and powerful monitoring functions. Using CellSpy mobile phone monitoring App, you can remotely record the call history and voice of the target mobile phone. If it is a user saved in the phone book, you can view the phone number and the name of the caller. Secret phone recording software enables you to obtain call logs and save the data on the CellSpy online dashboard. It further enables you to listen to the real-time recorded call at any time, and you can understand the content of the conversation.

The following are the main functions of CellSpy. You can perform parental guardianship, employee tracking and know your partner.

  • Record screen content in real time, and you can view the activity on the phone screen.
  • The SMS monitored on the mobile device has been sent/received.
  • Reading emails allows you to monitor sent and received mail.
  • Track social media conversations and view instant messaging logs.
  • Viewing call logs enables you to record VoIP calls in social messaging applications.
  • GPS location tracker tracks the precise location of the target mobile phone user.
  • Browsing history allows you to view visited websites and bookmarked web pages.
  • The remote function allows you to remotely block the Internet, messages and incoming calls.
  • Live surround sound monitoring allows you to record and listen to surround sound in real time.

How does the phone recording application run on the phone?

How the call recorder works on Android phones

We all know that the Android operating system has its limitations and security options will change from time to time. Android devices such as 9.0 Pie and other devices will cause abnormal recording. No matter you are using the third application, the final audio file is silent. Therefore, you need to personally experience the most secret call recorder in Android, which does not require Root devices and other settings, and can record mobile phone call sounds in real time.

How the call recorder works on iPhone

When you try to record a real-time call on your iPhone, things are always tricky. You might consider using third-party apps, but Apple-made devices do not allow any third-party call recorders to directly access the iPhone microphone. But you can use some tricks in some applications to bypass the restrictions, allowing you to make the target iPhone device a bug.

  • You can use apps like the voice app on your iPhone to record calls and use many other jailbreak and no jailbreak solutions to get the job done.
  • When recording a call on the iPhone, you may need the consent of the target device user.
  • In most states in the United States, you need to obtain the consent of the target device, but in some states you do not need to obtain their consent at all.

How to use the phone's built-in function to record calls?

  • Find the "phone" icon that comes with the system on the phone screen. (Note: If the third-party address book software is installed, the system icon is bound, please unbind in the third-party communication software.)
  • Click the button to close/call all/specify contacts. After setting, you will find a tape-like icon appears at the top of the screen.
  • Find the file backup in the phone backup.
  • Select the folder where the call recording is located and add it to the automatic backup list.

How to choose the best call recorder application?

For you, choosing the most suitable cell phone tracking program among dozens of call recording applications is a difficult task. There are a few things you need to remember when choosing one, the call recorder application needs to be available for android or iPhone.

  • Compatibility
    The application must be compatible with the target mobile device, otherwise you will waste time and money.
  • Price
    The price of thecall recorder should be reasonable, but the app must be valid.
  • Customer Support
    It requires customers to use real-time customer support services to handle all complaints and inquiries from users.
  • Other features__ In addition to the hidden call recorder application for Android, it should also contain many other tools to monitor and record the activities that occur on the target mobile device through its online portal. It should have functions such as mobile phone screen recording, keylogger, social media monitoring, geographic location, call recording, etc., as well as remote functions to block messages, Internet and incoming calls. In my opinion, there is no better application than CellSpy, which has all the above features.
  • User-friendly
    You need to personally experience a friendly monitoring interface, and you can easily view its call records and other functions on the target device. In addition, you can send the monitored data to the online web portal and analyze the monitoring activities and results.
  • Installation process
    The installation process should be easy, it only takes a few minutes to complete the settings on the target mobile device. During the installation process, you need physical access to the target device. In addition, there is no need for root or jailbreak for real-time call recording, call recording restrictions of social messaging apps and VoIP call activities.
  • Operating system compatibility
    It does support the use of the latest Android operating system and can run on all mobile phones and tablet devices. It should be compatible with iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.

The following problems may exist in the mobile phone call recorder.

Many people may know that some Android phones have poor call recording effects. This is mainly because the phone manufacturers restrict the phone's call recording function, which usually manifests as:

  • Cannot record call
  • Call recording is possible, but your voice in the recording file is very weak
  • Call recording is possible, but the other party's voice in the recording file is very weak
  • You can record calls, but you cannot hear the other party's voice during recording
  • You can record a call, but the other party cannot hear you during the recording
  • Call recording can be performed, but when the recording is played back, it sounds like it is playing fast or slow, or the voice seems to be changed and cannot be heard clearly.
  • It may also manifest as other phenomena

Please note that these problems are not caused by the recording software, but by defects in the ROM, some of which are deliberately caused by the mobile phone manufacturer. There are many reasons for this, such as being restricted by the laws of the mobile phone sales market and requirements from mobile phone operators. This is the reason why you tried 50 recording software, but none of them can record calls normally. Some mobile phones directly select specific recording parameters in the software to perfect two-way recording without root operation. And some phones need root to fix these problems. At present, most recording software can only record your own voice, but not the other party's voice. Some mobile phones need to be rooted to perform two-way recording.

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