HOMESpy Call RecorderHow to Track and Record Incoming and Outgoing Call History of Another Phone for Free

How to Track and Record Incoming and Outgoing Call History of Another Phone for Free

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Many people want to know how to track incoming and outgoing calls from themselves or others. There are many tools on the App Store that allow users to track call records. Some tracking apps can easily record the details of incoming calls. We mentioned some useful tool software, such as outgoing and incoming call tracker, these tools will tell you the details of the call history.

  • 1. How to track outgoing and incoming calls
  • 2. Call history tracker for mobile phones for Android and iPhone
  • 3. How to track your own incoming and outgoing calls
  • 4. How to track outgoing and incoming calls on the landline
  • 5 Conclusion

How to track outgoing and incoming calls

We recommend that users use the CellSpy mobile phone monitoring App, which can track other people's incoming and outgoing calls. The application software is intended as a parental control tool to track and monitor children's activities. But it is also used to monitor the behavior of employees and spouses. This is a very useful call outgoing and incoming call tracker, and can even provide detailed information about deleted call logs.

Why choose this phone tracker:

  • The application software can remotely monitor and monitor call records, contacts and recording files.
  • It can also steal data on the phone, such as photos, videos, and social media application data.
  • The user can set up a geofence on the target device, and can monitor the real-time location of the device at any time.
  • The application also has a keylogger function, which can record the keystrokes pressed, which is very helpful for cracking the personal data of mobile phone accounts.

A few simple steps to track cell phone calls

Register an account
First, create your account, and then enter a valid email ID and password. Then enter the detailed information of the target device. Click the download link to install the application software.

Download and install the software
If the target device is an Android phone, you can physically access the phone and open the download link. Please remember to enable "Unknown Resource Installation" on the phone before installing the application software on the target device. Download and install the application software, and then log in to the application.

Select the target device
If the target is an iPhone or iPad, you only need to verify the iCloud account of the device owner. Enter the iCloud ID and password, and then click Verify. Also, make sure that the target has enabled the backup and sync options in the iPhone. You can also install the corresponding application software on the iPhone, and you can also implement the tracking function.

Track incoming and outgoing callrecords
All you need to do now is to log in to your account, then go to the monitoring interface, and then click the "Call History" option, you will be able to see the incoming and outgoing call records of the target phone.

Monitor call records

You can also view the deleted call and outgoing records of the target phone. With this phone tracker, you can monitor other activities on your phone, including messages, WhatsApp conversations, Facebook messages, Instagram, Line messages, etc.

Call log tracker for mobile phones for Android and iPhone

Here we mentioned some other incoming and outgoing call trackers that can be used on Android and iPhone. All applications support any mobile phone system and they will work effectively on any platform available.

The application software provides all necessary services, such as access to call logs and text messages, phone photos, Wechat messages, WhatsApp messages, browser history, etc. It is very easy to use: all you have to do is create an account and activate the software on the target phone. The monitoring software is compatible with Android phones and iPhones.

  • You can also record the voice of the call and track the location of the target phone.
  • It helps to track real-time GPS location.
  • Access social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, IG, etc.
  • Although the location can be tracked on Android devices, the iPhone cannot use the same services.
  • If you use iPhone, some social media platforms do not provide support for the time being.

The software can perfectly track the activities of anyone using the target phone. App runs silently in the background, so users will not know its existence. Very useful in monitoring WhatsApp messages and emails. It is also very convenient without consuming a lot of battery power.

  • The monitoring interface can be easily accessed from any browser.
  • Provide anti-theft protection.
  • The target device will not receive any notifications from the installed application software.
  • Symbian and Blackberry compatibility issues.
  • There is no screenshot function.

How to track your own incoming and outgoing calls

Tracking our own phone is the simplest task that can be done with just one click. No matter which device you use (iPhone or Android), just click on the page to view outgoing and incoming calls, and download call recording files.

In the iOS device, you have to click the "Phone" icon, and then click the "Recent" tab, all incoming and outgoing calls will be displayed on the screen.

In Android devices, the interface may be different, but once you click the "phone" icon, it will directly display the call history. You will not need other outbound and inbound trackers. Some Android phones can even save call logs for more than a year. You can also view the history of incoming and outgoing calls by clicking on the number.

How to track outgoing and incoming calls on landline

Landline phones are still in use in many cities, which is very useful for the elderly. It is also very important to understand the call records of landline phones. Landline phones have not yet been upgraded to built-in phone trackers. The only possible way to obtain call logs and history is provided by the service provider.

To track the call records of fixed phones, you don't need outgoing and incoming trackers, but you must contact your service provider. Ask your service provider to obtain the phone history of calls sent and received from the landline.

The next time you receive a phone bill, it will contain all call details for the phone. You can also find the call log in the landline menu. It usually stores up to a fixed number of call logs.

in conclusion

Now you know that no matter what kind of phone you use, you can try multiple methods to track call history. There are many outgoing and incoming tracking software on the network, which can keep long-term call records. In addition, there is CellSpy mobile phone monitoring software, which will help you to remotely monitor the call records on other people's mobile phones and even the data on all mobile phones.

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