HOMESpy Call RecorderHow do you know who your cheating husband is talking to?

How do you know who your cheating husband is talking to?

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My husband betrayed his marriage, how can I know who he is talking to, and how can I check the content of the text messages he sent?

First of all, you need to know his mobile phone password. You can secretly check his mobile phone while he is taking a bath or sleeping. Check the social apps on his mobile phone, who he interacts with the most. This is very easy, because a woman's sixth sense is very accurate.

How does the mobile phone monitor the other party's mobile phone in real time?

It is not easy to monitor other people's mobile phones. You can install a mobile phone spy app to realize remote control and monitoring of the mobile phone. This requires a network to be used. Like other commonly used mobile apps, it cannot be used without a network

Mobile phone monitoring each other's chat history

Mobile Phone Spy App

Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

If we want to monitor a person's chat history, it is usually more difficult. This is because the chat history is only saved in the other party's mobile phone. If you want to view someone's chat history, the prerequisite is to obtain the other party's mobile phone. If we don't have access to the other party's mobile phone, it is impossible to check the chat content on their mobile phone. After getting the other party's mobile phone, we can install spy monitoring software on the other party's mobile phone, and the content of the chat history of the other party can be monitored through the spy software. But everyone also needs to pay attention to that when we choose monitoring software, we must choose monitoring software that can hide our software icons.

After all, when any monitoring software is downloaded to the mobile phone, the corresponding software icon will appear. If spyware can't hide their icon, they can easily spot this strange app and uninstall it. Therefore, if you want to install monitoring software, the biggest advantage is not to be able to monitor the content of the other party's chat information, but to be able to monitor the other party's mobile phone interface operations.

How to find out how your husband is cheating? (4 tools and 3 detective methods)

If you already feel that the other party has signs of an affair, then you can identify it step by step according to the detective methods mentioned in this article, and use the detective methods mentioned in this article to detect. If it is not necessary, please trust the other party and don't be so sensitive.

use landline phone

If there is a landline phone at home, then please connect an extension to the bedroom and keep the other landline phone not closed. That is to say, remove the microphone from the button of the landline. If the other party makes a call in the bedroom, you can use another landline to monitor it. This is the same as what we saw in the movie.

If there is a recording button on the phone, you can press it at this time for evidence preservation. If there is no recording button, please use the handset microphone to point at the handset of the phone to preserve the evidence.

use baby monitor

It's an inexpensive device that can be installed using babysitting as a reason. If you don't have a baby, you need to ask the other party's consent to install anti-theft monitoring equipment at home. At this time, if the other party disagrees with the installation, it means that the other party has other secrets. If the installation means that the other party is very frank, but signs of cheating cannot be ruled out, unless he already has motives that make you suspicious. If the other party insists on not allowing you to install, then we still have many ways, please read on.

use a digital voice recorder

To use this kind of recorder, you need to place it in a place where he often communicates on the phone at home and is not easy to detect according to the behavior of the other party in advance. You need to pay attention to keeping the device fully charged so as not to miss the best time.

Nowadays, mobile phones have become a necessity for a person. If the other party cheats, you will not be able to find traces on social software, but there is no impenetrable wall in the world. You can find a time when he does not use his mobile phone, or other excuses, and open the online booking software to see the delivery address of the reserved hotel or logistics.

In addition, you can check his shopping app to see if there are products used by the opposite sex, but you have never seen them.

Finally, you can look at the payment information. The bill will display the consumption record and the name of the merchant to judge whether it is abnormal.

If the other party insists on not allowing you to look at his mobile phone, you should not force it, so as to avoid a greater crisis and put yourself in a passive state, so we can conduct detective work according to the content of the advanced chapter.

Use GPS for tracking

Car GPS is a reliable and inexpensive tool that lasts a long time and is not easy to detect. We can see the driving track of the vehicle and the current state of the car through the mobile phone software on the control terminal. If the address is displayed as a hotel, then we can wait around nearby, and don't forget to take pictures to keep evidence.

There is another prerequisite for using this method. You must first ask the other party's destination today. If the car's driving track is different from the destination, then he will lie to you. In the hotel, you can take pictures at this time.

There is another problem. If he lies and ends up going to the mall, you have to be mentally prepared at this time, but don't be overwhelmed. Maybe he went to the mall to buy you a gift, but don't be lucky that he might be with someone else. A female companion is shopping in a mall.

Note: If there is no actual evidence, you should not show up, please stay in a hidden place, otherwise he will have an excuse, for example, he said to go to the company, but the company went to the hotel for a meeting, and you may misunderstand.

create the illusion of going out

If you are convinced that the other party has cheated, then the final chapter is the last hurdle for you to grasp the evidence.

You can find an excuse, such as a trip or a business trip. At this time, if the other party cheats, you will be very happy. If you want to obtain evidence, you must do a good job in the early stage, and place a recorder that can be used for a long time in the bedroom, as well as the aforementioned GPS.

Note: When you arrive at your destination, do your best to call the person from the side of the airport to give them a sign that you have left your home. You can choose a friend's house to rent.

Check the GPS activity track, if he is away from home for a long time, please go to that place, please rent a car to follow him.

Keep your camera ready so you can take pictures at all times, if you forget to take a picture, it will take longer. If there is a major discovery, please hold your breath and find more evidence, because he has cheated and your anger has become meaningless.

If the evidence is sufficient, after he returns to your home with his female companion, please use the spare key to open the car door, remove the driving recorder or the recording device in the car, then open the door, and call the companion if necessary, In order to avoid a crisis, it is also beneficial to take photos and collect evidence on the spot.

Life after discovering cheating

All the evidence, as well as the scene, proved that the other party had cheated. If it is for the sake of the child, please think twice, and after obtaining the guarantee from the other party, live for a period of time to see if the other party has a heart of repentance. If the other party is still obsessed with it, then a peaceful breakup or divorce is finally required, and if necessary, you can use this evidence to get what you should have.

I believe that in many cases, most of us will have zero tolerance for the other party's derailment. Tell the person who is betraying the marriage, if you love each other, please treat it sincerely, if you don't love, please calmly think about it and negotiate, break up or divorce.

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