HOMESpy Call RecorderHow to recover deleted call history from my wife's phone?

How to recover deleted call history from my wife's phone?

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When a wife cheats on her, she may leave some evidence behind that her husband or boyfriend can easily discover. For these wives who have had affairs, the evidence they leave behind often includes three types. If you want to confirm whether your girlfriend or wife is cheating on you, these three types of evidence will definitely get you twice the result with half the effort.

call records

Call logs are evidence that cheating wives often leave behind because they think it's a safe way to contact their loved ones. Once the call ends, they will immediately delete the call history. But some imperfections cannot be completely covered up. If you think your girlfriend or wife is deleting her call history erratically, or there are numbers in the call history that you don't recognize, then it's likely that she is calling her lover. By checking the call history, you can find out whether your girlfriend or wife has unknown calls and frequent calls. If your girlfriend or wife is always giving unreasonable reasons to explain her call history, then it also means that she has something to do outside.

Mobile Phone Spy App

Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

SMS sent

Whether it's text messages or other social media messages, they are important evidence in an affair. Like call records, your wife's message records will be deleted when she cheats, but if you accidentally discover some "weird" messages, then this can be important evidence. For example, she would often trick you into going to the bathroom at parties when she was actually texting her affair partner. Or, she may tell you she's chatting with a good friend, but she's actually connecting with her lover.

When your girlfriend or wife starts having an affair, she is constantly receiving and sending messages, and you are constantly receiving messages from the person she is having an affair with. Or, your girlfriend or wife may become extra cautious about her phone, preventing you from suddenly taking it away and discovering her secrets. If you pay attention to these unusual details, then you can easily deduce what she is doing outside.

How to recover deleted call history from my wife's phone?

Mobile phone call records are very important information in our daily lives. It can help us record and manage our contacts, call duration, call content, etc. If the wife deletes some important call records, or because the wife's mobile phone system upgrades, restores factory settings, or the phone is lost or damaged, the phone call records are lost. In this case, what should we do? Is there any way to recover the phone call records deleted or lost by my wife?

The answer is yes. In fact, when we delete or lose mobile phone call records, it does not mean that they disappear completely, but that they are hidden in the internal storage space of the phone or in the cloud backup, but we cannot directly see or access them. Therefore, as long as we use some professional tools and methods, it is possible to retrieve deleted or lost mobile phone call records. Below, we will introduce you to several commonly used mobile phone call record recovery tools and methods.

1. Use the cloud backup function that comes with your phone

If your wife's mobile phone supports the cloud backup function, and she has turned on this function and regularly backs up her mobile phone data, then you can restore mobile phone call records through cloud backup. Different brands and models of mobile phones may have different cloud backup services and operation steps, but generally speaking, they are carried out through the following steps:

  • Open your wife's mobile phone settings, find cloud backup or similar options, and enter the cloud backup interface.
  • Check your wife's cloud backup records and find a backup file that contains the call records you want to restore. Pay attention to selecting a backup file at a point in time before you deleted or lost the call records.
  • Click Recover or similar options, select the type of data to be recovered, and check call history or similar options.
  • Wait for the recovery process to complete, then restart your wife's phone to see if your call history has been restored.
  • It should be noted that when using this method to restore mobile phone call records, some existing data may be overwritten, so it is recommended that you back up your current data before restoring.

2. Use professional data recovery software

If your wife has not turned on or used the cloud backup function, or cannot find a suitable cloud backup file to restore your mobile phone call records, you can also use some professional data recovery software to try to restore it. Data recovery software is software that can scan and analyze the internal storage space of your wife's phone and extract deleted or lost data from it. There are many such software on the market, such as Android data recovery, iPhone data recovery, etc. Each of these software has its own characteristics and advantages, but generally speaking, it is carried out through the following steps:

  • Download and install a data recovery software suitable for your phone system and model to your computer.
  • Run the data recovery software and follow the prompts to connect your phone to the computer.
  • Select the type of data you want to scan and recover, check call logs or similar options.
  • Click Start Scan or similar option and wait for the scanning process to complete.
  • Preview and select the call logs you want to recover, click Recover or a similar option, select a save location and wait for the recovery process to complete.

It should be noted that when using this method to restore mobile phone call records, you may need to make some settings on your wife's mobile phone, such as turning on USB debugging mode, turning off automatic synchronization, etc. In addition, this method cannot guarantee that all the wife's call records can be recovered 100%, because it is possible that the wife's call records have been overwritten or damaged.

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