HOMESpy Another PhoneHow to recover deleted photos to find evidence of partner cheating?

How to recover deleted photos to find evidence of partner cheating?

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In modern society, partner cheating incidents happen from time to time. Betrayed marriage Husbands will always try their best to cover up the truth, and one of the ways is to delete the evidence on their own mobile phones. But in fact, there are still evidences that their mobile phones cannot be deleted. The wife needs to know these evidences so that she will not be deceived by her husband.

  • The call log of the other party
    Cheating men may delete their call records with their cheating partner, but due to the existence of the operator's system, these records will not disappear completely, so they can be checked out.
  • Other party's SMS record
    These SMS records may be deleted, but they can be retrieved by recovery software, so they can be used as another kind of evidence.
  • Photos and videos of the other party
    These photos and videos may also be deleted by the cheating man, but their backup files can be found through the backup function of the mobile phone.
  • Other party's chat history
    Cheating men may also delete the chat records with the partner, but they can view the chat records between them by checking their account login records.
  • The other party's social network records
    The cheating man may also delete the communication records with the partner on the social network, but these records can be obtained through friends on other social networks.
  • The recipient's email history
    Email records may also be deleted, but can be retrieved with recovery software.
  • Other party's address book
    The cheating man may also delete the address book with the object of the affair, but the backup file of these address books can be found through the backup function.
  • The other party's location information
    Cheating men may also delete their location information, but their whereabouts can be tracked through GPS signals.
  • The other party's network account
    Cheating men may also delete the online accounts of the person they are having an affair with, but their online accounts can be found through their IP addresses.
  • Other party's bill
    The cheating man may also delete the bills with the object of the affair, but the bill information between them can be checked through the bank records.

Mobile Phone Spy App

Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

The above is the evidence that cheating men's mobile phones cannot be deleted. Women must keep these in mind to avoid being deceived by cheating men.

Cheating partners delete private photos from their phones that are evidence of their infidelity. So, in these situations, how to recover deleted photos from their mobile phones?

Method One: Retrieve from Recently Deleted Photos

Now many brands of mobile phones have a "Recently Deleted" folder in their photo albums. The purpose is to prevent people from accidentally deleting photos and restore them easily. Moreover, the deleted photos in this folder are retained for 30 days. Therefore, within 30 days, you can restore the accidentally deleted photos through "Recently Deleted". The specific method is that when we need to retrieve deleted photos, we open the album, find the "Recently Deleted" folder, and look through it to see if there are any photos we need. If there are, just click the "Recover" button under the photo.

Of course, the disadvantage of this method is that if within 30 days, in order to reduce the memory load, you have cleared the "Recently Deleted" folder or you have restored it after 30 days, both of which cannot be recovered.

Method 2: Use third-party data recovery software

If the "Recently Deleted" folder can't recover photos that were accidentally deleted, what should we do? At this time, we need to use some applications to restore.

For Android mobile phones, we can use the software "Phone Photo Recovery Manager" to restore them. The specific operation method is as follows:

In the mobile app store, enter "Phone Photo Recovery Manager", and select "Mobile Photo Recovery Manager" on the search result page to install it.

Open this software after installation, it will automatically scan our mobile phone, when the photo folder page that needs to be restored pops up, we click on this folder, check the photos we want to restore one by one, and then find the restore button. up.

Method 3: Install the mobile monitoring app

Mobile phone monitoring software can usually monitor all content on the mobile phone in real time, including text messages, emails, social media, SMS, WhatsApp, SnapChat, etc., and can also view call records, locate and use GPS, take screenshots of mobile phones remotely, and find inappropriate content and software, intercept communications and specific applications, etc. The pictures received and photos taken by the mobile phone, even if the user has deleted these photos, can be viewed through the mobile phone monitoring software.

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