HOMESpy Another PhoneHow to take selfies in complex lighting conditions?

How to take selfies in complex lighting conditions?

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With the changes in the form of mobile phones, the front camera of the mobile phone has been forced to do "subtraction". The thickness of the fuselage becomes thinner, and the vertical space available on the front is compressed; the screen-to-body ratio of the mobile phone increases, and the aperture of the front camera shrinks, which makes the aperture of the lens unable to be enlarged; in order to achieve the effect of the camera under the screen, some The mobile phone uses a lower-resolution screen to cover the top of the front camera. Although algorithms can be used to compensate, there is still a distance from the passing line for the quality of the front camera.

To this end, the Reno7 series launched the permanent exclusive IMX709 front sensor, which is called "super-sensitive cat's eye", and continues to improve the effect of mobile phone front-facing shooting in a limited space. The IMX709 has 32 million effective pixels and a size of 1/2.74 inches. This specification is placed in the front of many mobile phones, which is a proper high-pixel outsole.

Mobile Phone Spy App

Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

The magic of IMX709 lies in its unique RGBW pixel arrangement. The pixel arrangement of previous sensors is mostly RGGB, and a few are RYYB. After replacing a G (green) pixel with a W (white) pixel, the light throughput of the Reno7 series sensor is 60% higher than that of the IMX615 on the Reno6, and the noise is reduced by 35%.

However, some friends will ask, if the pixel arrangement of the sensor is optimized, but the size of the sensor remains the same, will higher pixels not affect the low-light performance? Don't forget that current mobile phones often use pixel binning technology. Even with a 100-megapixel sensor, the default output is a picture of about 10-20 megapixels, which can reduce screen noise while retaining rich details.

We often encounter low-light scenes, so can the "super-sensitive cat's eye" of the Reno7 series overcome the challenges brought by low-light? I put Reno6 and Reno7 in a dark room, and used a weak light source to illuminate the scene to take proofs. If I don't talk about the finished film, do you know which one was shot by Reno7? The sample on the left is clear, the facial details and light and shadow of the character are restored in place, and the complexion is rosy and the complexion is transparent. The image on the right looks realistic, with lighter colors.

Seeing this, everyone must have the answer in their hearts. The left picture is Reno7, and the right picture is Reno6. Not only the customized sensor, but also the blessing of anti-shake in the front selfie, with the high pixel, the details can be guaranteed. Moreover, the front-end black technology of the Reno7 series does not stop at the hardware level, and the IMX709 is also a proud work of "hardening" the algorithm.

The IMX709 "hardened" by the algorithm has the characteristics of hardware-level DOL-HDR. In the case of high light ratio, the situation of dead black face or overexposed background may no longer exist. The ability of "super-sensitive cat's eye" is worthy of the name, just take a look at its backlight proofs.

Reno7's "super-sensitive cat's eye" can give priority to ensuring the normal exposure of the face when the light ratio is large, and decisively trigger the HDR high dynamic range effect. Different from Reno6, Reno7's hardware DOL-HDR technology can simultaneously record light and dark photos in a short period of time, synthesize them, and output high dynamic range selfies.

The quality of a photo, in addition to the lighting conditions of the scene, is determined by the equipment it is shot on. As we all know, the rear camera of a mobile phone has ample space for planning, and can be easily inserted into a larger sensor and a more complex lens. However, for the front camera in the screen, the space that can be used is very limited, and it is necessary to find another way.

Finding another way is easy to say, but it also requires a certain amount of strength. The "super-sensitive cat's eye" front camera of the Reno7 series is a good example. Custom sensors, hardened algorithms, and even AI self-learning blurring effects, combined with Bobbi Brown's exclusive custom nude beauty makeup, are probably great. Some lighting and scenes can't stop you from taking beautiful selfies.

Recently, news about the Reno8 series has begun to circulate on the Internet. I can't help but look forward to how many heart-shattering surprises will there be in the next-generation Reno series?

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