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Where is Qualcomm's first - Generation Snapdragon?

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Following the launch of Snapdragon 8, which adopts the new brand naming rules of Snapdragon at the end of last year, the first-generation Snapdragon 7 mobile platform has finally been released in anticipation. As Qualcomm's main mobile platform product in the mainstream market, the Snapdragon 7 series has been It is deeply loved by users and manufacturers. This time, the first-generation Snapdragon 7 has a halo of annual major upgrades and a new name, bringing us surprises in multiple dimensions such as connectivity, AI, imaging, and security!

The connection experience is stable and fast. Qualcomm Snapdragon Connect brings higher-speed 5G, high-speed and low-latency Wi-Fi, and smart dual Bluetooth in a broad range, whether it is latency-sensitive applications such as video conference collaboration, social media live broadcast, networked games, and edge computing. Can achieve stable and fast connection.

Mobile Phone Spy App

Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

This time, the first-generation Snapdragon 7 is the first 7-series platform that integrates the Snapdragon X62 5G modem and radio frequency system that conforms to the Release 16 standard. For the first time, it supports 5G+5G dual-card dual-pass. For the Wi-Fi part, Snapdragon 7 has also been upgraded from the previous generation FastConnect 6700 to FastConnect 6900, which can provide faster and ultra-low-latency Wi-Fi connections. Users can combine mobile phones using Qualcomm's FastConnect mobile connection system with routers using Qualcomm's Wi-Fi networking platform to obtain an end-to-end Wi-Fi network experience and enjoy many of Qualcomm's unique Wi-Fi technology advantages.

AI experience, everywhere. Snapdragon Smart supports faster and more energy-efficient machine learning model calculations on the terminal side, and introduces excellent AI performance into many scenarios including games, imaging, productivity, connection and health monitoring, bringing users more smooth, intuitive and immersive intelligent experience. The first-generation Snapdragon 7 is the first 7-series platform to support the seventh-generation Qualcomm AI engine. For the scene of deep learning face detection, compared with the previous generation Snapdragon 778G, the detection accuracy of Snapdragon 7 can be improved by 25%., the area required for face recognition is reduced from the original 25×25 pixels to 20×20 pixels, and up to 300 facial feature points can be detected, which is the same as the capability of Snapdragon 8.

For facial recognition, expressions such as eyelashes, nose, mouth, and smiles can all be extracted. Devices based on Snapdragon 7 can perform 360-degree face detection. Everyone often encounters the situation that people's eyes are closed when taking pictures. If we can achieve more accurate face detection, we can only take pictures when people's eyes are open or when people are smiling. Safe experience, comprehensive protection. Qualcomm Snapdragon Secure integrates multiple technologies in isolation, encryption, key management and authentication to provide innovative biometrics and software and hardware solutions, and to help terminal manufacturers develop more features in a safe and reliable environment.

For the first time, Snapdragon 7 sinks the top-level mobile security features such as the Qualcomm Trusted Management Engine supported by Snapdragon 8 to the 7-series platform, and passes the Android Ready SE certification to provide vault-level security protection for various scenarios. Video experience, professional ultra-clear. The Snapdragon Sight imaging technology integrates a series of mobile industry-first features, showing extreme effects in low light, anti-shake, color and clarity, etc., helping users to easily take pictures with bright colors and full details, as well as 4K HDR Movie quality video.

Snapdragon 7 is also the first 7-series platform that supports 200-megapixel photo shooting. It is built on the basis of 14-bit triple ISP and can support single-frame progressive HDR features. Compared with the previous generation Snapdragon 778G, the image quality has been significantly improved., coupled with AI performance improvements, provides powerful image support for terminal mobile devices equipped with Snapdragon 7. Gaming experience, happy to win. The fourth generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming can provide mobile game players with smooth control, realistic picture quality, end-game features, immersive sound effects and ultra-fast connection through a series of top mobile game features, bringing a hearty digital entertainment experience. At present, the shipment of chipsets supporting Snapdragon Elite Gaming has exceeded 800 million units, and this number is still growing. Many top e-sports events in the world have selected smartphones equipped with Snapdragon as their competition machines.

The first-generation Snapdragon 7, which also supports some of the features of the fourth-generation Snapdragon Elite Gaming, has brought many improvements to the gaming experience. First, the GPU of the Snapdragon 7 supports the Qualcomm Adreno image motion engine, which is a frame prediction based on the GPU. Technology, which can save half the power consumption at the same frame rate, or provide a higher frame rate at the same power consumption. In terms of graphics rendering speed, Snapdragon 7 has increased by more than 20% compared with Snapdragon 778G.

Secondly, Snapdragon 7 supports Game Quick Touch, which ensures that the game touch response speed can be improved by more than 20% compared with Snapdragon 778G. At the same time, it supports variable resolution rendering and other top-level GPUs brought on the Snapdragon 8 series platform. characteristic. Furthermore, Snapdragon 7 supports QHD+ display, which can be more detailed than the FHD+ display supported by Snapdragon 778G.

Finally, in addition to the close relationship between the GPU and the AI and connection factors mentioned above, the game experience is also inseparable from the CPU. The first-generation Snapdragon 7 uses an A710 super-core with a main frequency of 2.4GHz, three 2.36GHz A710 big core, and four 1.8GHz A510 small cores. The first-generation Snapdragon 7 inherits some of the features of the Snapdragon 8 in terms of architecture. Combined with the 4nm process, it can achieve a more balanced performance in terms of performance and power consumption, providing a strong guarantee for the overall game performance.

Audio experience, wireless listening. The Snapdragon Sound technology integrates a complete set of cutting-edge audio and connection technologies, and is specially optimized for the audio link between mobile phones and earphones, allowing users to wirelessly enjoy high-definition, low-latency, and stable end-to-end audio that is comparable to wired connections. End-to-end audio experience. The first-generation Snapdragon 7 supports Snapdragon Sound technology, which can prevent howling in games, and can dynamically adjust the volume according to the real-time audio environment/scene.

At present, OPPO has launched the first OPPO Reno8 Pro equipped with the first-generation Snapdragon 7 mobile platform. By decentralizing the top features of many Snapdragon 8 series platforms, it has achieved significant improvements in video, games, performance, and battery life. Many consumers can get a flagship mobile experience, and once released, it has won the attention of consumers.

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