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How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages and Clone Conversation History From Other Phone

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WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging application in the world, and it is an important tool for people to communicate using mobile phones. This means that in our chat, we save a lot of important information, confidential data, personal secrets, etc. If we accidentally delete the conversation at any time, we will lose important information.

Since WhatsApp allows you to delete messages sent in the chat, there are still many people who will consider how to recover those deleted messages. Next, we will discuss how to recover deleted conversations and messages in WhatsApp.

There is no doubt that these are two situations that everyone will experience. If you delete a conversation by mistake, it means you have lost all the messages in the chat, or you want to restore a contact in the conversation. First of all, we should know that in both cases, with good luck, we can resume these messages or conversations without problems. You can also download the mobile tracking app in the app store to try to recover data.

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Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

Recover deleted messages from WhatsApp conversations

If we have deleted the conversations from the app, they can be restored easily because of the daily backups kept by WhatsApp itself. The application itself automatically backs up all messages, and we can also make it save pictures and videos shared with contacts.

Each backup is kept for 7 days, so recovery during this period is very simple. After this period of time, recovering deleted conversations will be a little complicated, but not impossible.

It is recommended to check the configuration of WhatsApp backup to ensure that these backups are performed correctly every day to avoid losing some messages, such as any messages we need to restore.

  • We open the application on the phone.
  • From the menu button, we go to "Backup"/"Chat Backup".
  • In the "Google Drive" or "iCloud Settings" section, we make sure that the backup frequency is daily.

Restore the last backup of the conversation

If at first we realize that some conversations no longer appear, and we are sure that the backup was completed yesterday, then we can take some measures to restore those deleted WhatsApp conversations. Uninstall the application and reinstall it. During the installation process, the application will ask us if we want to restore the last saved backup and then select the last copy.

We will continue to restore all conversations and their messages in the app, and when finished, we will see the deleted conversations appear in WhatsApp again.

Restore backup from longer time

This requires a more manual process than what we need in Google Drive. In this case, the first thing we need to do is install a file manager on the smartphone. It allows us to access every folder and file stored in the internal storage of the device.

After everything is ready, we navigate to the sdcard or internal storage/WhatsApp path. There, we will find a series of files with name type msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12, where each date represents the date when the copy was saved, and a file named msgstore.db.crypt12, the file Responsible for restoring the backup.

In this case, all we have to do is to select the file of the day that we want to restore and rename msgstore.db.crypt12 with the following name. Then, we uninstall and reinstall the application. During the installation process, we can choose the option to restore the backup.

If it is an IOS phone, save the conversation in Apple Cloud (iCloud), so what we have to do is activate the "Documents and Data" option to access a safe copy. The subsequent steps will be the same as for Android.

How to recover deleted messages in chat

In daily life, deleting messages that have been sent is one of the most anticipated features of many users. More importantly, for those who are more clumsy, they occasionally send a message to the chat room informing them that they should not send this message. The only thing they can do is apologize and accept the mistake. But now you can delete the messages that have been posted, which can avoid a lot of embarrassment.

So we will have to use third-party apps, and when we talk about tools that allow the recovery of deleted messages in WhatsApp, there are 2 most popular apps.

On its own, WhatsRemoved+ is another very good application through which we can view deleted messages in WhatsApp. After installing and setting up correctly, any messages you send to us and any messages that are deleted, we can see them, even if they have been deleted.

After the application is installed, the first thing we need to do is to accept its terms of use, and allow it to follow and save notifications from the messaging application. You can also set whether we want to monitor the files shared with us and whether they are also deleted. After everything is in place and properly set up, we can view all the messages deleted in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp backup anytime

Although, as mentioned above, Facebook's own messaging app automatically creates backup copies every day, even if we delete any conversations by mistake, we won't lose any messages. If we have a conversation with any of our contacts and we don't want to lose any data, then we can manually create a new WhatsApp backup to ensure that there is a copy in case of loss.

All we have to do is follow the steps below:

  • We open the SMS application on the phone.
  • Click the menu button: Settings/Chat/Backup.
  • Click the "Copy" option at the end and click the "Save" button.
  • After completing the settings, WhatsApp will automatically create a new backup for all messages.
  • If for any reason we delete any conversation, we can use this copy and restore it so that we can recover the deleted messages in WhatsApp.

How to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages on Android

If you want to selectively retrieve WhatsApp messages on Android, the built-in automatic backup function of WhatsApp cannot provide any help. For this you must rely on the best Android WhatsApp recovery tool, the software is very suitable for finding deleted WhatsApp messages on Android devices

  • Launch the program and use the USB cable that came with your Android device to connect it to your computer.
  • Select the "Next" option so that the software detects the device.
  • The device will be ready to scan in a few seconds, click the "WhatsApp&Attachments" option, and then press the "Next button to start scanning.
  • After the scan is completed, the results will be displayed in a sorted manner. After checking or marking the items to be restored, click on the "Restore" option to save the WhatsApp data as a backup on your computer.

How to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone

Apple recovery software can easily recover all data lost on iPhone, including lost messages on WhatsApp. Can recover photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call history, WhatsApp, etc. Compatible with the latest iOS devices.

  • Start the recovery program and connect the iPhone and the computer at this time. Automatically detect and recognize iPhone, click "Recover from iOS Device" option, click "Start Scan" option to move on.
  • After pressing the "Start Scan" button, the software will start scanning the iPhone to find all the deleted WhatsApp messages.
  • The scan is complete and lists all WhatsApp data. Click the "WhatsApp Attachments" option to view the photos and videos received on WhatsApp, manually select those you want to restore, and click the "Restore to Computer" option to restore them all to the computer and save them as a backup.
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