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How to recover deleted chat history on Android phone?

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Can WhatsApp records from Android phones be recovered? As a technician, the honest answer is: not necessarily.
In the field of WhatsApp record recovery, currently IOS devices are relatively easy to recover, while Android devices have a lower recovery success rate.
So after uninstalling WhatsApp, can the WhatsApp records be retrieved? My answer is definitely: It's hard to get it back.
After the WhatsApp records have been deleted, can they be retrieved? My definite answer: There is hope that this can be recovered, but it depends on the specific device.

Below, I will share the knowledge and methods of recovering WhatsApp records. Data recovery tool supports recovered data: WhatsApp records, friends, files, pictures, videos, etc. Supported mobile phone models: Huawei mobile phones, Honor mobile phones.

Mobile Phone Spy App

Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

Can chat history be restored after uninstalling WhatsApp?

WhatsApp record recovery is a probabilistic event. Whether WhatsApp record data can be retrieved and restored mainly depends on whether the deleted data is overwritten or erased by new data on the bottom of the device. If the old data is not overwritten or erased by new data after deletion, you can try to retrieve it by using some professional recovery tools. If you uninstall WhatsApp yourself, in this case, the mobile phone system will usually automatically erase the original data, so it will be difficult to use a data recovery tool to retrieve it.

Under what circumstances can WhatsApp records be recovered?

Some WhatsApp records can be retrieved, but some cannot. So under what circumstances can WhatsApp records be retrieved? You can try it in the following situations.

  • The phone may suddenly crash and cannot be opened.
  • Swipe left to delete WhatsApp records and friends by yourself.
  • While backing up data, there was a sudden interruption and it was found that WhatsApp records were lost.

In the above situation, you can install "Data Manager", connect the phone first, and scan it to see if there is any data left behind at the bottom. If there is data left during the scan, you can try to restore it. If no data is left behind when a professional tool scans it, then the lost data is almost impossible to retrieve. Backing up and exporting WhatsApp record data recovery and retrieval is a probabilistic event. No one can say that it can be restored 100%. If you encounter such a person, he is definitely a liar.

How to recover WhatsApp records and friends?

Step one: Connect your iPhone. Download the genuine recovery software corresponding to the iOS device from the Data Butler official website, install and run it, connect the Apple phone through the data cable, and click the "Next" button. If the connection is unsuccessful, click "The device is connected but cannot be recognized?" on the interface to check the connection environment of the iPhone device according to the prompts on the jump page, and reconnect to the device.

Step 2: The Scan Apple Phone software will begin to scan and parse the WhatsApp data on the Apple phone. Since the WhatsApp storage capacity of each iOS device is different, the scanning time is also different. Generally, it should be controlled within 5 minutes, because the software will scan out all WhatsApp data. If you have logged into multiple WhatsApp accounts, please follow the prompts to select the account you want to restore.

Step 3: After selecting the recovered data and completing the scan, you can see the menu bar on the left divided into [Address Book] [Group] [WhatsApp Records] [Attachments] according to WhatsApp data types. Switch to [WhatsApp Records] Start filtering.

Use the filter function to select the deleted WhatsApp records (orange font), then start previewing and selecting the data to be recovered, and click "Restore to Computer" to complete WhatsApp data recovery.

Tip: WhatsApp records cannot be restored directly to the Apple WhatsApp dialog box. They can only be restored locally on the computer first, and then transferred to the computer through the mobile phone data cable to restore friends' WhatsApp records.

Because there are so many reasons for data loss, there are countless situations under each reason. Everyone's operation sequence, deletion method, and device model are different, which will affect the success rate of recovery. If you want to prevent WhatsApp records from being lost, it is recommended to use the backup function of Data Manager to back up and export all WhatsApp records, friends, files and other data in advance, so as to ensure that they will never be lost.

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