HOMERead Text MessageHow to crack the mobile phone password after forgetting the lock screen password?

How to crack the mobile phone password after forgetting the lock screen password?

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Because mobile phones are our personal belongings, in order to avoid leakage of our privacy, we usually set passwords for our smartphones. Common mobile phone passwords are 4-digit, 6-digit or Jiugongge passwords, and more complicated ones can also be set in the form of English letters and numbers.

This is an era that emphasizes privacy, including among family members. Everyone has their own privacy. For those who like to peek at other people's privacy, setting a password on their mobile phone is the best protection for themselves. In addition, there is another more important reason why the mobile phone needs to set a password, which is to prevent the important information in the mobile phone from being stolen by others after the mobile phone is stolen or lost. The previous mobile phone smartly made calls and sent text messages, but now the mobile phone has powerful functions, more like a removable disk, containing bank accounts, selfie pictures and videos, etc.

Mobile Phone Spy App

Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

Mobile phone passwords can be divided into the following 3 types:

1. Phone lock screen password

The lock screen password is usually used to unlock the phone screen, and needs to be verified every time the phone is restarted. The password types include numeric passwords, gesture passwords, and alphanumeric passwords. This type of password is stored in the internal memory card of the mobile phone, and the ID lock is a kind of mixed password designed by the mobile phone manufacturer to prevent the mobile phone from being stolen. It usually requires online verification, which is essentially different from the lock screen password. Unlocking the screen lock password will definitely clear all data, so it is recommended to do a daily cloud backup of data.

2. PIN code lock, PUK code lock

This type of lock is relatively rare today, and it was more common in the previous 3G era. In short, it is a lock that comes with the SIM card of the operator. PIN is a first-level password. If you enter the wrong password many times, it will become invalid and activate PUK to unlock it. It can be queried at the PUK operator. If the PUK is locked, the mobile phone card will be declared invalid, and a new card needs to be reissued. If the PIN code or PUK code is locked, you need to contact the network operator to provide the service password or your registration certificate number.

3. Phone ID lock (Xiaomi phone account, Apple ID, OPPO phone account)

Some mobile phone manufacturers provide cloud services, which can only be used after you register an account and log in. If you lose your mobile phone, you can log in to the official website of the mobile phone manufacturer and use the function of finding the mobile phone to remotely lock the mobile phone completely. Even if someone picks up your mobile phone, it cannot continue to be used.

Users cannot unlock this type of account on the mobile phone. Usually, you need to provide the purchase certificate and contact the after-sales service of the mobile phone service provider to unlock it. If you can provide the proof of purchase, it is recommended to call the manufacturer's online customer service to confirm the materials to be provided to avoid wasting time.

Accidents always happen, what should I do if I forget the lock screen password?

Method 1: Enter Recovery Mode

This is the easiest method and works for most Android phones. Before performing this operation, you only need to turn off the phone, then press the volume key (usually the volume up key, there are some differences between different brands of mobile phones) when turning it back on, and press and hold the power key at the same time to enter the Recovery of the phone. model.

After entering Recovery mode, please select factory reset, and then select clear data. Execute "wipe data/factory reset" and "wipe cache partition" to clear all caches and settings.

After clearing the data, restart the phone, and you will find that the password has been cleared after turning on the phone.

Method 2: Use flashing software to unlock

The method to be introduced below is also very simple. At present, there are many flashing software in the application market.

Connect the mobile phone to the computer with a data cable, after installing the driver, turn on the USB debugging mode, and then connect to the flashing software, click to use the tool to clear the lock screen password, and you will find that your device has successfully cleared the lock screen password in an instant. No need to reboot and no data loss. It is worth mentioning that if you find that the password lock screen interface is still there, it doesn't matter, you can enter the password casually to enter the mobile phone, after entering, quickly change to a familiar password!

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